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Panthers handle Coup trough? And Stamkos and and all of that, and Coo trough, boy? Hey, look, you look pretty good looks possessed. Like last night. It looks like he is. He is just fine for this playoff stretch. All right, coming up next to talk to our senior national correspondent Michael Bauer. Here on 16 Wi OD. You wanted to see, Miss? Wouldn't have you been hearing about the new government modernization efforts. Ai Arpaio's data science. Things are changing at this agency. And people will need new skills. I'd like you to get some training. Look at this management Concepts catalog. Wow, over 275 courses that's right and local class. Rooms or instructor Let online classes. We still have budget in this fiscal year, so sign up online. Advance your career with courses from management concepts. Get a catalog of management concepts dot com.

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