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And i'm saying if he outright net which is not right now i would i would give him a one year deal at now i pay him what the top quarterbacks get deserve to get paid because he's worthy of it monetarily but i'm saying to give you a longterm investment is to trust that you'll give me a long term commitment and i don't trust ben rothlisberger in that regard only that's my issue this reminds me of what bill james wrote stephen as i'm sure you're aware and historical baseball abstract gallium one about robin yount robin yount he thought back in the day was he was deciding between golf and baseball is an excellent golfer and robin young mound up in the hall of fame of course for baseball shortstop in the center fielder and bill james rookie about robin yount that he really didn't like him at first because he thought that he was noncommittal he had a problem making the commitment and what he realized later it's not that robin yount was noncommittal it's that he had a process he was in the process of making up his mind once he made up his mind he was all in so i would say about rothlisburger we should be careful not to confuse the idea that he's still sometimes making up his mind how much she wants to play with his level of commitment once he buys in what i've seen from rothlisberger on the football field is still a great quarterback not quite as good as he once was i would say he has great weapons around in the maybe he could be doing a little bit more with them maybe rothlisberger from five years ago would have but he's still a guy you very much are happy with if you have mother center a franchise level quarterback at least and i think a guy like that has influence on your team not you can't let them dictate the terms as we just got off the topic with brady as brady is done with bob kraft with where where it seems as though that affected not only the garoppolo trade but maybe even offensive coordinator coming back but some kind of influence and let's look at how ben rothlisberger is using whatever influence he.

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