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11. 07 checking Wall Street down, had a good day, up 160 closing at 26,540 S and P Game 40 while the NASDAQ rose 141. And in sports Red Sox break a four game losing streak tonight, edging them at 6 to 5. Don half busy Boston's NewsRadio nightside with Boston's news radio before killing up dawn half Thank you very much for the news, all the information that he provides with us as the evenings and the day's roll on We're talking about de funding police. The reason we're talking about defunding polices. Of course, there is a real effort by some of the various organizations around the country who would like to see police. The funded No, That was the phrase that was used in at a at a point, So alone were terrible. D funny, a timeout, demobilizing or whatever you know they were talking about de funding the police department. Here in in Boston in Massachusetts, about New England around the country. The question for you is Do you want to see police in your city in your town Defunded. I suspect the vast majority of people do not want to see police defunded Now there were really three stories that have brought me to this a question. And if you've heard any of the stories In the last couple of days. I think you'll you'll appreciate what we're about to say we talked about the Hingham thin blue line flag controversy last night and Tuesday night. When a simple flag has now become a cause celebre in Hingham, and it hits lined up. There's people in Hingham who support police and people don't support police. Why you wouldn't support police? It baffles me, but that's okay. Everybody has the right to their opinion. Secondarily earlier tonight, During the nine o'clock hours we talked with and we specifically, Ah wanted to talk with two police officers to talk about the dangers of police work if you haven't If you didn't hear the nine o'clock hour, Bob DiNapoli of Wilbur and Mario Olivera of Somerville, two veteran police officers who were shot and badly wounded, shot and badly wounded and for the for all intensive purposes that careers Ended in those two incidents, and they talked a very explicit terms frightening terms about how A situation Within a nanosecond changed. Ah, and they went from Being in control of a situation to being shot in on the ground in both of them coming near death. In one instance, the officer literally died on the operating table twice brought back to life. There now involved with.

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