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I was really honored that he said that to me uh biden take advantage of it we'll have even war with the actress allison janney after a quick break stay with us it's eye for maximum fun dot org and n p r hey gang it's jesse give a smart speaker an alexa gugel home or whatever good news that means you have access to the entire world of npr with your smart speaker ask it to play npr or check the news while yet ready for worker fix dinner there's a new radio in your house in it's easier than ever to listen to bullseyes to morning edition to wait wait don't tell me and more so go ahead give it a shot ask your smart speaker to play npr inclusion alexa play huey lewis in the news sports it's bowls i am jesse thorn my guest is the actress allison janney she's the star of the west wing of mom on cbs and of more she's also nominated for an oscar this year for her role in the film i tanya she and i talk in 2014 when you but a to script for masters of sex was that already called masters of sex yes the show name had already been uh determined i did not know i had already i knew at that point they wanted me to come on board they had a character in mind that hadn't written it yet but she was going to be uh the wife of the provost played by boat bridges something is actually a little afraid to take on an also when they suggested or beeto said they would move be nudity most more than likely and i'd have to do as xing and i was like well let's talk about that uh not.

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