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It? How's it? Pronounced Norris there, sir. Okay. What is this game? I don't know. I would never even heard rain for. Yeah. I don't know what this says it's for PS VR, though, overkills the Walking Dead is coming to PS four Xbox One a PC and November the sex now. That's gotta be a mess. Right. Really good things about over here. I just checked out. A few more trailers for the of the day. I it seems like it's what the next logical step in left for dead would have right of left for dead. It actually really really good. I was hearing really positive things about this game from the three show four because they were showing it off. So I'm actually going to be really excited to check this out. Cool. Are we also got a world of final fantasy maxima command Xbox One to switch on November the saddle see anything any friend fancy nothing unless got number behind this though. By the way, the district seems like it's a release a will final fantasy with extra stuff. Yeah. The world of final fantasy game was actually pretty legit though. Really? A really was. I mean, how much did you? Did you play? None. None of it. No. I know that should be thing. When you first look at it. Yeah. Looks absolutely ridiculous. But the game is well aware of what it is. And the humor for it is spot on. Okay. You're listening to checkpoint east boards and gaming radio. I want to thank everyone listening Nashville sports radio Wm SR five sixty AM and ninety five point nine FM as well as one or three point nine in Lexington Kentucky where currently going over the releases in November ride three has come for PS four Xbox One. In November the eighth and I hit man to on November the thirteenth PS four. I think these are going to both be a hard pass for me if I remember correctly. I think in hit me in to the first person, you have to assassinate is Sean bean. Okay..

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