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Ten minutes away from your estimated rate. Make sure your family's future is safe. No matter what what. And I think that that's true. I mean, I do that. I have a ridiculously large insurance policy. Ensure that my children will care about me for ten minutes after I'm gone as. I give them half an hour. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. So yesterday, we played a song from the band, Eric and outer space and the leader of that, Dan, one of the members of that band. Sean fall from Omaha Nebraska was so thrilled that he sent us two more songs. The song is called barely there. This is his song. This is a solo song later in the show. We will play American outer spent this was actually called little bird the one we yesterday was there was yesterday. Okay. This is a little. Yes. So we're gonna play him too scrumptious terrific. So we're happy about that. Mike Lombardi joins us now spending tire career in pro football has a podcast coming out under the auspices of cadence which under which under whose auspices we can as well. Correct. What is that? What is the name of the podcast? How often is the podcast? And and I'm why are you doing? Well, you know, it's it's once a week now during the offseason during the season, we'll. Two weeks at advert is the co host Joe found work a lot of work. So like, I you know, I know what happened, but I met him a few times and liked him. Very much. Ladies. ESPN was critical of his work at all. I'm you know, it's been great for us at cadence, and he's been wonderful. And he's he's a sopranos fan, which makes it even better go, and so that makes it easy. And so we're gonna talk football. We're going to talk really talk really deep dive into football about really what happens in the game. And I think so often, you know, when people study games out Dave used to say this to me all the time after a game. He would always come up to me and say, do you know, why we wanted you know, why we lost? And I think those two fundamental questions never get really answered. So this is very interesting because it echoes something in my life when I was a young sports writer and the only really knowable game for most people is baseball basketball happens. It's right wick football. Everybody says I've got a look at the film. But if you wanna know baseball, and you're a young man, and you get lucky you get a manager. You get on a road trip for two weeks. And you get a manager who goes to the ball as managers. Do they go to the ballpark for seven o'clock game at noon, and I sit there and there. Underwear and they check the game. And if you're lucky they go over the night before is game. I got a two week masters class in baseball from Ralph how we used to manage your Yankees. Who would say bet you wondering why did that in the third inning? He went through every single things ever Sherry single thing that happened in the game. And why he did it. Now. Why was he doing that for me because he wanted me to come under his aura and think that he was a genius which is fine. But I'm learned so much in that period of time. And you're saying that Davis did that for you. Yeah. Well, I was fortunate. I mean, I was able to work. My first job was driving Bill Walsh around in a Porsche. So I got to work for the forty Niners him around. And then I worked for the known fact about Bill Walsh, totally colorblind Coley. Coley..

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