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That will get to here. Let me start off here. Let's let's give a question about kind of direct taki topic here. This is from a man. We of war seventy one who asks since all games are intra division. Do you see an increasing trend of tasting Taking icing type shots at empty nets with a one goal lead is posted to because it always seems worth because of the four point swings. Interesting question i to be honest. I think we have seen this going back. Perhaps two years there was I apologize for not being able to come up with the exact year or date or season. But i think it's at least two years now in the books where the analytics have been presented to teams the teams presented to the players. And they take shots at that emptying way more than in the past used to get to the red line. Don't risk the icing. Do whatever you can't get the red line then take your shot now. It is get the puck. Take the shot. And if it's icing you live with it so i i don't have any raw data with that. I'm pretty sure you know then now with the analytics you can take a look at how many face offs you win after an icing. All those types of things You know what the percentages are when a and i. i think it's just the numbers for them are to the point where i don't think it's overwhelming but the predominance would say that the odds are the risk reward ratio is take a shot at the empty net. Come pick it has to do with issue. It used to be well. You don't want to risk the icing. 'cause you're tired you lose a face off in the automatically score and but you think about what it would take to to score in the national hockey league shooting percentages right of you know a good shooting percentages twelve percent of shots go and that's a really good shooting percentage so in those situations okay. How what percent of the time do people actually score. If i hit the empty net gains over right like it's a binary outcome it's either game over or game continues with a chance to score like i. I look at it like kind of makes sense now that you think about it a little bit more. The the numbers this year are up on five goals when you pull your goal tender. Yeah they're up. And i think it's i think the it falls into the category of cycles that powerplays in pelicans go through where where for a two year span. This certain thing will work and dan everything catches up and the adjustments made..

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