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Us here a coma. What happened was disrespectful and makes the city look bad. In fact, we had some people come by the day and they were like We're trying to see all the Jimi Hendrix stuff. It's kind of sad to see it painted blue and then seeing that right then, and there was just like that hurts even more. It's like this is our city. There are things that was just protect this kind of stuff in this Adrian Rivero, saying that as disheartened as he was by the vandalism, he felt better when some nearby businesses also stepped up, providing a hose and other equipment to clean off the statue. Good community effort. A 37 hour comb. Oh, there's new hope for people who want a vacation on a cruise ship, the CDC updating its crews guidelines. You'll want to hear this and who better than almost Denise Whitaker, who checks him with Virgin voyage is Tom McAlpin and tells us about these requirements The cruise industry brings in millions of dollars to the Seattle area and keeps more than 5500 people employed. So with this new guidance It was hoped those jobs and all that revenue will come back to the Seattle waterfront. The CDC says Cruise lines can set sail from US sports starting in mid July, it 98% of the crew is vaccinated, plus 95% of passengers must be vaccinated. Super excited that we see a path forward to begin sailing with Holland, America, Princess and celebrity cruise lines among the carriers. That have all of their cruises out of Seattle on pause through June right now, but still working to help preserve at least a portion of the Alaskan cruise season. Denise Whitaker Come on news. And they Papa might now is sharing with his health experts expecting that those vaccinated against covert 19 will need a booster shot in about a year. He says. Dr Deborah Foolery, you've done medicine, saying the visor and Madonna Doing this to keep our immunization strong. Let's give a listen. It's because variants of covert 19 or still circulating not only in the U. S. But around the world, Fuller says about 5% of the world has been vaccinated, which means that leaves a sizeable amount of people to spread stronger variants and the solution that is actually the update the vaccines and provide everybody a booster to raise your immunity and updated to match the variance, so doctors anticipate that these boosters will most likely be similar to getting your annual flu shot. There are many vaccines that do have booster shots for Stephanie Dunkel with to come a Pierce County health. It's too soon to determine if we will definitively need that booster. But her focus right now is making sure as many people get that first round of shots. Getting vaccinated right now in this first series is going to help us understand where we need to be if that ever happens in the future, her booster dose in Seattle, Nick Pompom Come on. There's time now. 8 39 here at come on news reminder with events in downtown Seattle today over looking for public transportation and or if you're headed.

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