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The second twenty twenty Jerry Jeff Walker with you and we welcome our first guest of the our first official guest of the evening I got I had the pleasure of talking to couple weeks before not on this program but another and I wanted to eat it was such a fascinating conversation I wanted to have it again Anthony Davis is name is the author of cooperation and coercion and Antony good evening good evening thanks for having me on well thanks for coming back on with this to plug the book and to talk about some hell of it thanks the last time we talked it was about the idea of cooperation versus coercion with that covert nineteen and the corona virus and governor and leaders reactions and the people responding to that the American people but you know since since we've seen now more than seven days of violence and civil unrest the cooperation and coercion has kind of shifted gears from the government to actually the leftist protesters and the violent elements within them and the coercion that they're using to inspire otherwise peaceful protesters to not be so peaceful in the looting the arson and the destruction that we've seen but first off to give some people some perspective here who were listening what's your background Antony I'm an economist associate professor of economics at Duquesne university and the Milton Friedman distinguished fellow at the foundation for economic education one and we've seen the great destruction of what was just three and a half months ago a booming American economy and and now as we try to mount efforts to repair that and if you see a resurgence in what's going on and and we all believe that there's a possibility resurgence this year just depending on what happens and how quickly get people get back but I found the timing very interesting of these protests tonight your stand there was a catalyst there was the George Floyd death of the head of the Minneapolis police officer we've all seen the video in there terrifying eight mins minutes of someone who's already obviously sub dude and under arrest being you know being basically strangled is fixated to death by this police officer in Minneapolis and the reaction around the country not just around the country but around the world and I think that's telling for another reason but I'll get into that in a moment but to answer me what is the subtitle of your book because I love the subtitle as much as the title cooperative and coercion and what's a subtitle how how busy body speaking busy believes and what that means for economics and politics all right and so kind of explain explain that premise first of all what we need here is the I mean we all know what a busy body is right at your neighbor who's peeking out the window seeing what you're doing and go looking down their nose because they don't approve of of what choices you make this sort of thing that's a busy body we tried that with this since the dawn of time Gladys Kravitz on B. which you're right that's exactly right but a busy bully is what you get when you combine a busy body with the coercive power of the state so the busy body says things like well you shouldn't be smoking or you shouldn't drink so much your soda Popper this sort of sure and and ended the busybody turns to the government in says give me a law that forces this person to do this thing I want the person to do that that's when the busy body becomes a busy bowling very good very good and the busy bullies in the wake of these so called otherwise peaceful protests have been well organized groups have any I don't I don't think there's any question that these are you know it when you've got pallets of bricks being shipped ten days earlier before pro cast protest happens in any given city and they've got incendiary devices and they've got backpacks loaded with communications devices it's all very very well coordinated through social media and other outlets yeah that's very strange that level of of coordination organization the world when we talk about coercion typically we talk about government but it's important to understand that government is not the only form of coercion in Easton people were rioting and burning and looting and this that's coercion in every every sense of the word it's just perhaps doesn't have the muscle of the organization the government coercion has but the score shin on the less well I I don't know that it doesn't have the muscle and the the organization of government has Antony all right I would argue that this is very well coordinated and very well funded and I think it's interesting and I would think would be important to find out who the people are behind the violence associated with otherwise peaceful protest and that did the president today said that the anti file will be declared a terrorist organization he has some constitutional issues with that because terrorist organizations usually have foreign roots and some of these may have in fact foreign rich but I think it's more of a a Rico statute because this is plain and simple racketeering going on in these protests I think you're absolutely right I think Rico is is the right interpretation now understand I'm not a lawyer here what bothers you talk to lawyers so yeah that yeah get my thermos what bothers me about the president's stance is I don't think ever it will be since the early eighteen hundreds has the president ever dispatched the military against citizens within the United States this is unprecedented who's going back to the insurrection laws of the early eighteen hundreds yeah yeah I that that's kind of where I'm thinking they they we might have seen the last instance of this admitted me here on the on the one hand we've got this unfortunate mix of the course of elements the people were rioting and looting in this sort of thing and then the cooperative elements standing right beside them the people who were peacefully demonstrating they got together they got a message they're gonna put it out but they're not going to be in fort forcing their opinion on anyone they're gonna make it known but they're not going to use coercion and unfortunately these two groups have gotten mixed up that's to the detriment of the people who are cooperating in trying to get their message out well yes but those people sadly at her are being coerced by the violent elements there behind the scenes elements that are causing an instigating the violence they're being coerced into being violent in many cases and we sell our daughter being forced into just going home and not being involved at all it's it's it's what we're seeing here is the way we talk about portion in the book and we we we aim our sights at government but we don't say it's necessarily a bad thing there are points at which coercion music is good and proper and this is a very good example of we want the the preferably the police not the military but we want the government in the form of the police out there protecting people from being harms protecting businesses from being looted and burned that's an appropriate role of coercion or proper use of coercion and inappropriate use of course is what happened to George Floyd yeah I I would agree with that if you can hang on just a second we're gonna take quick break and come back more of our discussion with Anthony Davis author of coop cooperation and coercion and again the subtitle the bodies became busy believes and what it means for economics and politics all right fantastic and I think where it winners Sirius tipping point of what it means for the economics of this country because of everything else we've been through recently Anthony Davis in our conversation continues in moments on the night cap on seven hundred WLW leasing the protests and looting the anger and the violence and we've seen compassion and acts of kindness we all have strong feelings about what's happening across the country and we are here to let your voice be heard this is a time to talk and to listen and an opportunity to make our community better seven hundred W. L. W. these days being a small business means navigating uncertainty.

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