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Favorite nba players play twelve different teams and eight teams over thirteen season span that says a lot edwin jackson this was two hundred eighty ninth start okay you're one hundred percent ryan star by the way wherever's quality star whoever gets rid of you if somebody else picks you up your wanted the washington nationals had him twice okay because they saw value because he's dorrell and he's dependable and at the moment he's like seventeenth in starts of all pitchers who are active heat proud of it no he should go up to mt and scream look at this i applied it says that when people call on that you somebody he's worth what get this guy he's a pro watch them i watch him wrong times to different you know streaks in washington there's not many is wholesome choice fifth place finish in the korea open something worth talking about swing swing please put it on the monitor now known show me your pants watch this okay stitches rightfoot way up in the air and then he the rowers who was his swing teacher mikhail baryshnikov and yet the guy that is tied in a professional tournament here greg ninety and he's tied film and say something if i was playing with this guy even in a four some know what the club i could look at them i would not wanna look at his swing i would wait until i heard contact and that i could turn back to box you don't wanna see that people don't know jeff jackie gleason anymore but this is like a sunday night was saturday night act jackie gleason was swing the golf club and go flying out of his stance and it was a comedic team this is that he tied fifth in a professional tournament with the dopey thing you've ever seen in your life i mean credit to him you think what ball situation nobody's locking this guy to see swing to be crazy enough email let's take one last break still come tim tebow starting hidden away but he's smart turn away offer to play pro football over tonight too late the hand out the war yes yes it's too late yes ruin the segment get outta here nothing says summer like seersucker baby not you literally of did that last week wasn't summer last week it wasn't ariana always interruption this brought to you by the rona extra find your age people have fifty four birthday dell curry sneaky young i am dell curry older than that one of the great shooters in his time over sixteen season career mainly charlotte and his son steph has combined the great shooting with great ball handling and i will bet much to the delight of del steph has left him in the dust as a player dell's a proud papa he's proud out call games which he does his charlotte and take your money on the golf course except for his sons take take ours though how the anniversary oklahoma city on this day nine years ago you drift and james harden with the third pick in the nba draft tonight hard move win the nba mvp for this season mike oklahoma city had harden westbrook and durant and they didn't win they also had a boxer when he was good how come they didn't win they weren't ready they weren't old enough there into some tough teams really difficult to ponant along the weights on the trails to the app for ten tibo tibo turned down the offer to play for steve spurrier on the orlando team in the new spring football spurrier related this conversation with tibo quote he said coach i'm gonna keep swinging the bat and see what happens i told them we'd have a number fifteen down in orlando waiting for them unquote montego wants to make it in baseball i know another place where tivo's great on the college football telecasts i know you agree he's going to be back on those we get to see tibo i don't do a lot of programming but i just have him some on this show now i believe he plays in binghamton for the rumble ponies no i believe that's to somebody could tell me in my ear let's go to the big finish zoo world cup yeah portugal both vance with ties they did you watch i wash it was thrilling tony they had to go to vr an extra time in both games portugal could have been eliminated faint had what they were odds of that to believe bubbling to or something walking travelers third time big deal yes he likes obviously.

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