Seth Rollins, Last Friday, Seth discussed on The Mr. Warren Hayes Show


How are we doing on time. Okay another quick thing here going to keep the hotshots going here. buddy murphy. Apparently commented on something on the wwe. Instagram that has to do with seth rollins or a he commented something that ties into what happened on smackdown last friday where he ran a he had a backstage sets. Backstage segment with. Seth rollins where he was kind of doing the miss. You know the the disciple to the messiah kind of pose again and this is what he wrote on in regards to this okay. Let's point out the obvious. The mysterious used me. This is my buddy murphy. Writing the materials used me. I never needed them. I'm beyond one of the most talented in ring performance on the planet. Eliya used me to be on. Tv in advance. Enacting career dominic used me so he had a reason to stand ringside was jealous that i became the new face of the cruiserweight and he was left out of the discussion. The took what they wanted. Then they left me in the shadows. Sounds like my time in annex. T stop. i want to preface. This can i say. I will always appreciate Things wwe making sense out of storyline bumps like this. Because i did not understand. Why buddy murphy went up to seth rollins now he writes this out right. Writes this out and i still don't understand now. It's not a question of does it make sense. World war warranted make sense. How long was this fucking story. Line the seth rollins stuff in the mysterious family stuff. How long was this. And it went through changes that led to buddy murphy and eliya developing thing sort of will. They won't they. Are they a couple. Is this legal so on and so forth. There's it was stretched out so much that came to the point. Where buddy murphy turned on. Seth rollins to be with his love. And the mysterious were high. Fiving buddy murphy like yes. You're a good man and dow was the end of the story. Feel good moment gets the girl we all move on. But there's a difference between explaining things and just taking a massive angle take taking a massive angle crumbling up and just tossing it it. Just 'cause that's exactly what they're doing here. This is an angle the wwe was invested in a hundred percent the invested so much time in this angle and they wanted us to get involved in a to to get the introduced us to the mysterious family to leah and to not sue whatever. I don't remember what her name. You know ray materials wife is like it's a family thing and then we get invested. We're supposed to believe in the power of love and now what happens. It's not a thing always plays it all make sense. It still doesn't make sense because now you're erasing months of storing lining months of of dramatic development to come back literally square.

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