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Interpol such that when they issued a diffusion it would be reasonable for the government of Spain to pick up Bill Browder in a hotel. Well, I guess what? I would need to see is is me. And in the fifty other people, I know who are not criminals who are on the red notice system to have those red notice all deleted, not not by INTERPOL. But Russia, so that we don't I constant flow people coming to my office who have INTERPOL red notice from Russia who are activists and agitators and political opponents. Who shouldn't be having to come to my office to talk to me about this stuff and Russia will abuse whatever system they have access to to its maximum possible advantage. And so j goes points are all beautiful in theory. And and Jayco deserves huge credit for for this for the rule of refugees. Asylum-seekers not being under blinding. That's his singular accomplishment. But well that's been done. I'm still fighting the seventh red notice from Russia. The seventh. I'm communicating with the commission for the control of files where Misra Dov who has been my pursuer is on the commission. It's just I mean, what what whatever the theory is. I'm right at the coalface at ain't workin. So both of you have alluded to this leadership election that happened last year in which a Russian law enforcement official was almost but wasn't a named to head INTERPOL that actually strikes me as sort of major vote of no confidence in the institution that that could have even come close to happening under the circumstances. And so Bill how pad was it? It was it was it was shocking story in an involve most me and Jay go. So Jake was the one who's who was who knew about it. I, and it was I think the election was going to be happening on Wednesday. And I I got an Email from Jay go on the Friday before the Wednesday thing Bill you wear that that a a Russian is the front runner for the presidency of INTERPOL and had no idea in north of the rest of the world have any idea, and it was and so it was one of these things where whatever's going on inner poll as Jagos there's no there's no transparency at all. And so I started calling around some journalists started calling around some other Russian dissidents and everybody was in shock, and and the way I imagined this, and I can't say for sure because I wasn't there. But, but this was how Russia was dealing the INTERPOL the same way as they deal with the with fee for the Football Association with the International Olympic Committee, which is they were going around with the lips of cash giving the guy from the Central African Republic, or you know, were Angola, you know, five thousand bucks to vote with with Russia and with Jay go in myself, and I got Mikhail Khodorkovsky involved we held a big press conference. We all started to alert the world in different policymakers in politicians got involved. They said interpose gonna be run by Russian. Lithuanian government, our parliaments if if if intervals can be run by Russian than we don't want to be members of INTERPOL anymore. And I think that that there was so much outrage around the western world. That over the course of five days Russia, which had I think locked it up lost their lockup. And thank God. The South Korean candidate was elected. But had Russia. I mean, I don't think INTERPOL would have survived that as an institution. If a Russian was was the president of INTERPOL Jada, go was was was it less bad than that in any way? I mean, if you're somebody who is going to be who is trying as you are to make the case for the non-exclusion of countries like Russia, and sort of keep them in the tent. This must have been like the worst case scenario for you. Right. Yeah. But I mean, we were hugely concerned because into pull has been making some changes that have been support for the continued reform. So the idea of having a Russian delegate leading the organization was a huge concern too. So well, then we wouldn't advocate for suspension of Russia's a country..

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