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Just got. Bonus makes this guy look like a badass. He makes a bonus look like a badass. I said that backwards, but you get a point. John James is sitting on his couch going I saw off. Guy should be embarrassed. Right. Inconceivable. This guy. Is that your only? How do you feel about Anthony Davis? This guy, that guy. Coming up. That guy, Andrew mason joins us, he's got he's always got some thoughts on what's going on with the nuggets, big sports fan will ask him what he thinks of the series is just back to Denver game 5 tomorrow night. 8 o'clock at the sack, so we look forward to that. Get your rest today, everybody. 8 o'clock tomorrow night, and it will be the second game of a double header. So probably more like 8 15. And we'll also get Macy's thoughts on is it legitimate criticism and an NFL executive says the Broncos draft was, quote, coach driven mace joins us next. Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back. Relaxing your tober shower from bath fitter. Ranked number one as the original in all of Colorado bathtub will fit your budget with a price match guarantee. Special financing available, no money down, no payments for up to 5 years, visit bath fitter dot com to book your free in home consultation today. You're gonna need a bigger pot each time for slurry than Evans, big story of the day. This is the year song. You're so. Big. You're slower than Evans with this morning's biggest story in Denver sports. Big mistake, big, huge. All right, intermission set through our giants here in a little bit. Oh, we got somebody's actually defending the sun's owner. Sun's owner was in his seat. Joker should not have been there. Don't go into the stands. You won't be in trouble. The ball was in the stands. You pay attention to where the ball is, the owner had a grip on the ball. Come on, stop it. Defend you. You will see some guy thinks that God thinks it was a blatant, hardcore shove, too. Now you'll see moments where a player will go into the stands and if one of his teammates has the ball, you'll see one of the players, and I've seen jokic do this because he recognizes, hey, we've got a potential 5 on four opportunities, and you'll see jokic reach and try to grab the ball away from the opposing player. Hey, give me the ball. It's our ball. We want to get back. We want to go. So I get where his thought process was. He saw a Booker out of the play. He saw a 5 on four opportunity. He sees a fan with the ball. Give me the ball. Right. So he was justified in that reaction. We'll find out if the league thinks that he was justified in whatever you want to call it, but for the sake of the discussion, it was a shove. I know you're rolling your eyes. It was a pat. It was a bit of a shove. It wasn't a show. Well, when you put your arm out like that into another person, you are attempting to not even move them aside. Not even Karen thinks that was a show. If you think that's a show, you are the worst Karen in the history of Karen's. Andrew mason, our senior Bronco writer Denver sports dot com joins us on the Johnson auto Plaza. I will get to plenty of Bronco related stuff. But what was your take on? Jokic and the sun's owner. What should happen if anything to the Joker? I hope they don't suspend him. I mean, I think that's the key thing. I wouldn't be surprised if both of them get fined. Yogesh kind of because maybe they have to buy laws of it and how things are written, but it would be absolutely a mistake to suspend him. I'm sorry. I mean, he's the owner's holding on to the ball. I mean, and then he and then he does put his hand on him before the exaggerated reaction to the contact. I think it would be hard for me to take the NBA seriously if they suspend the optics. Have we seen a shift here, you have sports fan for a long time you've covered sports for a long time. Have we seen a shift in fan behavior that has gotten worse or have players and leagues gotten too soft? Oh, I think it got worse. I mean, do you remember, it was right after things started opening up after the capacity restrictions and empty arenas of COVID. They were a couple of there were a couple of events. I think there was one in the NBA playoff game a couple of years ago if I recall correctly of kind of fans being too involved or misbehaving. I think I would say. As the price of being at a sporting event continues to rise and continues to be there for an average fan consumes more a greater percentage of disposable income than perhaps it did in the past. Then I think we may actually see more of these things because almost like you've got more skin in the game almost right. I think and I think also another thing is that with the gambling people, if they are betting on it and I think maybe you will see some more negative reactions. We see it on social media as well. You remember a few years ago when CJ Anderson was with the Broncos and people were getting on him because he was a fantasy football disappointment because they weren't because he wasn't getting the ball enough and they were still in time with Ronnie hillman. I think there's I think there's something that in the last several years has changed kind of hard to put your finger to point to like one specific cause of it. I think it's a lot of things. You know, Mike and I were talking about your article and just about coach driven versus GM driven and criticism of the Broncos draft by one executive in the National Football League. Just your overall takeaway, what's wrong with being coach driven and the saints had a lot of success doing it the same way over the course of Sean Payton's career with the

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