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The radiator for leaks Luke Luger WTO news Good tips They're a security checkpoint at Reagan national airport is up and running again this morning It was closed yesterday afternoon as a safety precaution over an issue with a roadway column that runs through the terminal An airport spokesperson says the reopen checkpoint is handling the typical morning surge but if you're headed there you might want to allow yourself some extra time Election 2022 on WTO P in Virginia's 5th congressional district which stretches from Charlottesville to the North Carolina border Republican congressman bob good has won his party's nomination to seek a second term He'll face Democrat Josh Thunberg in November In the 8th district which includes parts of fairfax and Arlington counties Karina lipsman beat four other candidates for the GOP nomination she will face either democratic incumbent Don buyer or his primary challenger Victoria Vera sing It was a crowded field in the tenth district which includes fairfax county where Han kao beat out ten other Republicans to win the party's nomination Cowell will face incumbent Democrat Jennifer wexton in November Thousands of ex felons in Virginia will now be able to vote governor Glenn youngkin has announced that nearly 4000 virginians who serve time behind bars will have their voting rights and other civil rights restored It's a move that he called a critical step toward vibrant futures Now Virginia is one of only 11 states that permanently prevents convicted felons from voting Restoration of those rights is automatic in most states Virginia governors have taken steps in the past to restore voting rights Former governor Ralph northam did so for more than 100,000 ex felons Youngkin's administration says the plan is to restore rights on an ongoing basis Melissa Howell WTO penis Turning to COVID cases continue to rise nationally including an hour region The form of the variant behind the latest uptick in cases is likely BA two so says Joshua sharfstein vice dean for public health practice and community engagement at Johns Hopkins University What's interesting is even though these viruses all have sort of the same name It sounds like they're just like cousins They actually responding quite differently to the immune system so that people who had maybe a BA one infection can turn around and get a BA two infection It doesn't protect as much as you might think just by the naming of the virus Doctor sharfstein says those who are vaccinated still have a better chance of not getting as sick as someone who hasn't been vaccinated Any recommends protecting yourself by wearing a mask eating outside and even holding meetings outside your office if you can And Kramer WTO news Stay close to WTO will have a check of our forecast just ahead on what's going to be another hot hot day.

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