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Let's just come back as we wrap up this conversation to what they call the most important economic indicator each month, which is the number of jobs that were created. And when you look at the unemployment rate right now, it's historically low three point seven percent. Should we be paying more attention to that than what's happening in the markets? Sort of normally a an unemployment rate below five percent would mean full employment, and you'd see wage pressure increasing dramatically, we're not seeing that that's the problem because a lot of these jobs are low paying or they're multiple people working multiple jobs. So three point seven percent unemployment today. Doesn't mean the same thing as five percent unemployment did fifteen years ago, structurally, when you have such low employment people should be happy because their wages are higher than they are. And that's not what we're seeing. Now, what we are seeing is examples at target and WalMart and Amazon of minimum wage being increased. So there is we're starting to see that up in wage pressure, and that should start to equalize things in the course of the next few years people should actually feel like there's three point seven percent unemployed. That's how she MSNBC anchor and economics correspondent alley. Thank you. Bye pleasure. We'll today. A judge delayed sentencing for President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn for lying to investigators about his contacts with Russians after Flint's lawyers said Flynn might need time to testify in another case involving two of Flynn's former business associates facing federal charges of violating foreign lobbying rules for trying to conceal a campaign approved and paid for by a high level. Turkish officials to smear cleric federal Gula n- who's living in exile in Pennsylvania Flynn's company Flynn, Intel received over half a million from the Turkish government in two thousand sixteen when he was advising the Trump campaign even wrote an op Ed attacking Ulan, the BBC selene Garron is an Istanbul and selene influence up at he called Gula. No radical Islamist delivering the line the Turkish government wanted delivered. They blamed Golan for the failed 2016 sixteen coup. But is there any proof that cooling was behind that coup? Well, Turkey has repeatedly alleged that fit luck. You've done is a terrorist than he was behind the coup attempts thought took place back in twenty sixteen and took you has repeatedly requested Mr. gallon to be extract extradited back to Turkey and on code of says, they have provided eighty five boxes of evidence in support of their case off skin and demanding Mr. glunz extradition, but United States officials have said in the past that the Justice department agents had actually devoted hours going through the evidence dot Turkey provided but they couldn't come to the conclusion that mister gallon hat to be extradited as on could've demented. Well, when Michael Flynn pled guilty last December two lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. He also admitted that he had violated the laws requiring that his firm register for working on behalf of foreign clients like the Turkish government. So there is that. But meanwhile, the Turkish government says that the US is now considering their extradition request Turkey was very involved in exposing the Saudi Arabian story recently about ca- shows you the journalists who was allegedly murdered in a Saudi embassy in Turkey. Is there a sense that there's some sort of quid pro quo here that, you know, the Trump administration might consider coolants extradition to pacify the Turks who are very angry about the Saudi Arabia story tensions rose between the US government. And on KIRO over how to respond to the killing of Jamal hush-up, gene in the Saudi consulate and Instanbul, and they were allegations that Trump would actually be in favor of the extra addition of to lock onto Turkey in return for on Kara's, handling more swift approach to the Saudis involvement in the killing. However that is one of the issues that are. Other fault lines between Turkey and the United States and recently for administrative it chill shoal. For instance, said that Trump had told president reject type are John during the meeting g twenty meeting in his IRAs that Washington administration was working on the extradition of fit to Lackland, but a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity denied that such a comment came from Donald Trump's. So there is this ongoing tension between on Washington over hustle g over over what's happening in Syria United States relationship with the Kurdish forces in Syria, such so there are full lines. But on chorale is trying to play cards the best it can the BBC Celine. Garrett in Istanbul. Thank you. Thank you very much for having me. So it's the holidays at thanksgiving..

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