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Four years old twenty reps on the bench press a to 20 he did that with a hook connected to the bar it's due to something else man and i i you know this is why i love sports root for guys like that josh rosen had a good combine as did josh allan the kit out a wyoming not so much for lamar jackson baker may feel the questions are still going to be about his size i would imagine he would be the fourth of the fifth quarterback taken in the draft i think it's going to go rosen donald allen rose into the giants donald to the browns josh allender the broncos and then you know maybe the jets give baker mayfield of course we haven't seen any raids yet and i don't know if the jets of the broncos are gonna wanna take alan are abakar mayfield any one of those guys that high i just know affair the browns make sure you take sake warm barkley first because if you don't ain't going to be there when you pick again i don't see the giants and the colts passing on that guy he's just too good i mean what he did it the combine friday was just insane faster forty than devon hastert faster 10yard split into sean jackson more bench wraps the joe thomas and a higher avert than julio jones yeah i want that guy told the rock for me and we've seen the impact that a great running back and have on a team where there was zico elliott a couple of years ago karim haunt last year yet todd girlie a few years ago leonard four net alvin camaro the saints i mean come all couple of guys won't be franchise it looks like a alan robinson coming off the acl for the jaguars i don't think the forty nine or should be anywhere near alan robinson seemed to be said for sammy watkins looks like the rams are going to let him walk and then jarvis landry's on the trading bloc john foreigners don't need in the one of those guys go out and get a taller wide receiver and like the fifth rounded develop own that's what john lynch needs to do let me tell john lynch i'd do his job real quick so problems kind of what we do around here couple of mox i've seen for the.

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