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All right let's suck it over to Zac foster our technical producer we got a little news from your neighborhood yeah you've ever wanted to join in the FBI you know it never really was something I was interested in no but I'm very curious as to how they do what they do yeah I am too you know and I guess if you're a teenager you could find out a little bit more how's that for transition is instead of the Roseville press Tribune and that you have the federal bureau of investigation Sacramento field office is accepting applications for the FBI teen academy this is a a teenage program for high school juniors in the public private or charter or home school sector and they can apply and they can learn all sorts of things they talk about diversity they talk about jobs with the FBI they talk about cyber crime they talk about emergency management very thorough yeah very cool things that if you're interested in a career in law enforcement this could be a really interesting thing well it sounds like even if you aren't interested particularly in the kick down the doors law enforcement type stuff that there's lots of science and engineering and things that you could be doing within the FBI yeah there's a lot more to it than that yeah thank you very much appreciate that a new way to make a very important vaccine were gonna have that coming up shortly yeah I'm I'm really looking forward to this because back speaking of which before we go to the break I just got a new number here we have reported that you yet this morning it's been out there eight thousand people in California now self quarantine that's according to California department public health that's up from sixty seven hundred last week sixty seven hundred to eight thousand this week self quarantine that's your in your home right right but you know I haven't seen any guidelines for what exactly self quarantine means how long you're supposed to be there we are not supposed to have contact with how you're supposed to get groceries or or any of that we haven't we haven't seen that you know think of someone who is self quarantine could maybe give us a call we we've already talked in the previous you know almost four hours of this program about how health officials have been very secretive with a lot of information and we we don't there's a lot we don't know yeah we don't know if it's secretive or they think there's not a lot of coordination plan is unprecedented no they don't have a plan right now all right we'll talk about more about this new vaccine it's it was made in a very different way than vaccines are normally made also will go into that and tell you why it could mean getting this thing the market at record speed latest news insight and perspective to the news the KFBK morning news with Kristina Mendonca and Sam Shane on news ninety three point one KFBK hi there it's padded walls for me talk about stone's gambling hall forever now I mean there is no place like stones in Sacramento or in this area I'm still blown away every time I walk in the look the people the energy the fun the food the experience it truly is one of a kind and now.

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