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Never guess you'll never guess everybody, I should do like a contest, if you can guess how are truth pinned Drake. Maverick the official move the world wrestling, entertain, you get nothing. Yeah. Like the twenty four seven title. She'd have a schoolboy on it. It's one of the side plates. Snowing package on one. Yeah. That's a check it out. Check it out. Now. Anyway, shell by the more serious note I got some serious. I gotta say here. Okay. Really? Okay. I don't want to I'm serious about my serious common here. I don't necessarily want to call anybody out too badly, because it's pro wrestling and accidents happen. Okay. So on Monday night, there was a match with Dana Brooke that got stopped guy. She was bleeding all over the place. It was Dana Brooke and the Viking. What's her name toy? Forgot. Sarah, sarah. Logan, logan. Okay. Sarah Logan Dana brook. Okay. So anyway, I heard the match was stopped, and I was told because it was a dark match, I was told that got stopped forget, what I was told. But I think I think I was told she got posted and then what I was talking about on the show with Dave, he was, like, no, no, no, no, no, she. She took a knee. That's like how do we hear two totally different things. Like I heard that she at the post too hard. He heard that she got the knee. Like what how does this happen? So I saw the video yesterday. And the reason that we both got different story is, in fact, because she took a knee into the post so both things happen. Okay mic, you're laughing, but this is a very serious story. So if you haven't seen the video, let me tell you what happened. Okay, Dana Brooke is on the apron, and she is on her knees facing the post. Sarah Logan is also on the apron, sir. Logan goes running with a headful esteem and throws like a V trigger into the back of Dana Brooks head which sends Dana Brooks head into the ring post and you just hear the sickening crack. And then she's bleeding everywhere in, obviously they stopped the match. All right. Now, let me let me just repeat this okay accidents happen in wrestling. I understand. But with that said, who in God's name came up with this idea for a spot, and why I understand if maybe you got Kenny, omega and Okada in there to people who have been doing this for a long, long time, enter the very top of their game. And they are two of the best wrestlers in the entire world. Sarah Logan, I know she's been doing this for awhile and Dana Brooke. I know his improve. Moved, but for the love of God, somebody thought it would be a good idea to do spot. Where Dana Brooke is facing the post, she can't even see Sarah Logan coming, sir. Logan is to hit her in the back then no now granted it's supposed to be faked. But you realize that if you're hitting somebody like, let's say that I'm facing you, Mike. And I throw a forearm or whatever and and I don't touch you. But at least we're facing each other. So, you know win contact was supposed to have been made if I'm hitting you from behind. I have to make some sort of contact for you to know when I hit you. Okay. So they've designed a spot where somebody has to do a running need to the back Dana Brooks head which he's facing like I just don't get it for. I just don't get it. We have will Osprey knocking people out with his new move which he continues to do and granted, he hasn't knocked anybody else out that we know but we did have that a couple of months ago. We have Chris Jericho trained artists now using spitting back this and. Kinney elbows. And we're seeing more guys do that to who probably shouldn't be doing it. I know. And if you ask any almost any worker, they can you do it. Sure. Absolutely. Or we came up with this idea, we think we can do it, isn't it on the agent and isn't it on the supervisory? I'm asking who's I was this. It's completely baffling. Yeah. It really is. It's too bad because he gets just it sucks for Dana Brooke. You know, and obviously sucks for both of them because I'm sure that, that Sarah Logan felt awful about it. But it's like this is a dark match. I don't know. I just did seem to be bad all the way around. And it seemed to be a move that just didn't didn't need to be done. Although I guess if you wanna work something like that out. I just I don't know, just to seem like a bad idea. And let me say something else here. Okay. Now I was not as hard on. Brielle is a lot of people were. But I was still pretty mad when Brielle knocked out live Morgan because they were facing each other and live Morgan was sitting there with their chest open, just giving her a target for these kicks not moving, and somehow Brielle still kicked her in the head knocked her out, like I was pretty mad about that. Okay. But I would like to note and again, I really don't wanna get too hard on people because accidents happen in wrestling, but. Can you imagine? If instead of Sarah, Logan, it was breed Bella who had done that move Dana, brook, a running need of the back of the head, sending her into the post and busting your open. Can you imagine what people in the internet would have done? I haven't heard one person upset at zero Logan for this. Well, how many people really know about it? And look, this is not I if it's the bellows or Charlotte, or Sasha of Charlotte at done it. Oh my God. We might as well shut down this show. But it's again, it's that the outrage is completely equivalent to star power, and that's, that's that. All right. Let's go to the phones during the year. What's going on, Brian? How the question about your book? Oh, this is the one that you had to call in about because it was much too intricate for text in tweet. Right. You know what Ryan, I don't know why he didn't have me do anything with the book either and he had Karl stern help out. I mean I was willing to help. I mean I have probably an Email, and you didn't respond. That's only happened eighty five times. Liar, you'd lie ahead Ryan. Okay, like right. I live like you can do a number of things or activities that are related V addition. Claire. The cancelled the maybe and they also have tennis courts that were built by them. Some instances man's mother is live out our where I lived in really valiant has like a camp that's about four hours away. That's sort of like museum that like for you and Mike Clifford. They're like activities or works. She can visit by your house. They'll be what did. What did? Book captain Lowell Abano you camera down. I got it. I got it are there WBZ landmarks near my house. There's my house that should be a wrestling Stoorikhel landmark I got the starboard and Dewey beach. You never got up in there. They've got the, the former keyarena there were there were there were so many shows that were running the, the former keyarena back in the day. Lot wrestling things happened there. I got secrets in ocean city uses four our tapings, unfortunately, joy Morella passed away on the way home from one, but lots of debauchery and fund things of taking place at that place, as well to not a lot of not allowed to w historical markers in Washington state, Ryan. Yeah, I was like hitting like something like you can actually do you like you can play tennis at the tennis court or do stuff at museum. It's didn't Billy tennis courts around here. I'm sorry, maybe his mom up in the bar. Listen. Right. Thanks very much for the call. It was that was definitely a call that the question could not have been asked on Twitter. He was. Absolutely ranking Friday. Hey,.

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