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Yes, beautiful women. Freshly, when's freshly fallen Left. So after we shovel it, and even more less so when it's covered up with grime of real life. It's a natural nuisance after one day. I kind of like the former president after four years when he tried to talk about science stuff, that's this week's if he rules the world back with your famous Wisconsinites, nothing and on athletes after the break, all right, lots of people sending me their thoughts on most famous Wisconsin and that could be went to school here. Lived here still lives here is known for being from here. Oprah's getting a lot of mentions who Dean Jeffrey Dahmer's I said. 20 salute Gene Wilder. Tommy Thompson getting some love as well. Let's go to Larry on the North side, it Larry and me, TMJ. Yes. Isn't a liver Rocky from Wisconsin? Yeah, he's from the Milwaukee area. So liberal, she's a big one. I actually went to the Liberality Museum when it was open in Vegas got probably 15 years ago. That's a good one. That's your choice. Got any other ones? No, that's it. All right. Thank you, Larry. Let's go to Portage, Wisconsin. Gary Hey, Gary. Hey, uh, Public money comes to mind for after, but, uh, Joe McCarthy? Yeah. 19 about somebody that's gonna be internationally known for whatever young The wonderful work that he did. Yeah, on the negative side. Thank thanks for the call there. Gary calling from Portage Look. Everyone. Well, here's one. I don't even think about this. Bob Bucher. That's him. That's a great one. But I said non athletes, so he's a broadcast. I guess you can kind of Let that go. Spencer Tracy. Here's um, so I was asking about Spencer Tracy, famous Hollywood actor Born in Milwaukee and April 5th 1900. What does Bill from the scene have to say? Hey, bill from the scene. A Steve. How about William Proxmire? If we're gonna go pop, great U s senator. Got it. He he was a guy that was frugal didn't take much. If any money just ran his campaign. I was a big fan of William Proxmire. It's a good one. Very good one, didn't he have that Didn't have the Golden Fleece award. Yeah, Yeah, He was good for pointing out excessive waste. I don't got it. Thanks for the call button if a guy like that could survive in the current climate. Les Paul. What the folks in Walker shot would certainly win on that. Laura Ingalls Ingalls Wilder. Little house on the Prairie fame. Not a lot of love again. Love in the neutral term for Joseph McCarthy s unless Paul Gold on my air. Didn't think about that one. Yeah. End up being the prime minister and in Israel. Let's go to got Raymond. On the south side it, Raymond. Steve. How about Dustin Diamond of a custom diamond support? Washington? Yeah, He just passed away. 44 years old saved by the ballot. That's a good one. Anybody else on your mind? Yeah. Okay? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, Okay. All right. Also looking at weather was Robocop. Thanks. We called Matt Carter Mosquito. We could squeeze a couple more. And let's see Jeff calling from Florence. Hey, Jeff. Hey, Steve. Um, I just want to let you know about Willem Defoe. He is from apple them. That's what I thought he went. He went to Apple in East graduated sometime in the seventies. I don't remember what year I was class of 71. He was I knew his whole family and that's who he was A good guy. He was Yes. Yeah, He was pretty good guy. He was a good local acting to him in theater productions in Appleton at Addict Theater and so on. He was originally known as Billy Day Full Billy Day. So, yes, Hollywood changed. Thanks for the call Jeff, calling there. Look, forget not one more year. Let's see Andrew calling from Apple's another Apple to call Andrew Hey, How's it going? Good. Who's your choice? Right of and threaten Sustern, Greta, Greta van Sustern. And Buster. Yeah. News news lady. Yeah. Where she had? No, she was to be on CNN at one point, right? Shit you like? Yeah, sure that box for a while, General show And then I think she did You go to CNN she started with I think a long time ago at CNN and then went to 500. If you still on Fox or not something someone let us know. Thanks for that call, and you I got to wrap it up. He's got handed off to Jeff. But Frank Lloyd Wright can a lot of love. Orson Welles is another one. It's pretty popular. Garry Birkoff from MASH was from Wisconsin. I didn't know that I didn't know that either. Um, Gaines, there again. I think a lot of people forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger went to college at you to be superior. Yeah, Same thing with Harrison Ford. He went to college at the Griffin College, a lot of local of their practice carpentry, And I think another one's who Halle Berry actually had a house in Naquan. Halle Berry. She actually I know where she lived on Pineiro. And if you're familiar with that, that borders Cedarburg and Mak Kwan and she actually had, like a helicopter pad in the backyard. She might be my second favorite actress Halle Berry. Yeah. Hasn't done much lately. That would just be doing something else. Anyway. Thanks for all the suggestions, keep sending them all. We'll mention those on tomorrow's show if we have time famous Wisconsinites non athletes. Better alive. Good stuff. A lot of different choices. Welcome to the wtmj dot coms Live streaming feature.

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