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Only have yourself to to to pay for this the only person that's going to really reward is be rewarded is you and that which you can do for the people around you because nobody can do anything for anybody if they're feeling sick and you can't eventually apply that new coat of paint but you've gotta work at it and get to a point where you actually can yeah or what about what about what happens if you put something down the disagreed and then you have to go to the expense of the aggravating of removing it okay could be nail polish something as simple as nail polish bad nail polish over a good gel or something like that if there's such a thing you're gonna find yourself having to remove it as an extra step extra expense extra exposure just ticket back to baseline so i really would like to just to reach out and say look see what you're doing if you're smoking cigarettes you need to stop the hardest thing in the world to do is to stop but you've got to do it with regards to alcohol announced today rarely do you wanna do more than that and you gotta push sugar fructose out of your diet altogether and if you're really really good you've gotta push those carbs nearly out of your diet altogether ten twenty grams a day forty grams is really excessive in my opinion and then you're going to start to feel better you're gonna start losing weight you're going to start getting back to where you should be and then stay there you do not need to be paying people to lose weight what you need to do is you need to get good advice and take it and then putting the body heals itself yeah just follow through and keep within you know the pilot that instruction book we are all born with gotta read it yeah all right doc declined delivering the analogies today eight four four to two zero zero nine six five you have a question for the dock eight four four to two zero zero nine six.

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