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What about comments on dracula's blood liked it. It's a good drink. Look really cool. If you set a whole table full of black and breads and dracula like things and you drank. That drink wanted an alternative to wine because most people would pour wine. I don't particularly like wine. i don't either. I mean. I'll drink it if that's you know part of the atmosphere whatever but this would be a nice substitute for people who didn't want wine but still has the same kind of feel to it. Same coloring and you don't really get the alcohol in it either boozy. It'll now you taste the peach. Though i do. Yeah yeah so. I you know it's in there but yeah it's not. It doesn't have that alcohol. Aftertaste is one of those that could get dangerous. If you keep drinking right puts good. Yeah i like it. I was today years old. When i learned there was like cherry juice. Yes because you're gonna buy it all the time now. Anything we learned. What was the edison edison. That i most horrible guess. Her cylinder graph calendar five dollars. Ninety thousand foot always bid a dollar. If you're next to me on prices right right. Yeah just a bunch of vampire lore stuff we did live learn lor also learned that. There's a little bit of diversity diversity diversity and and freedom in what you choose to include in your from your source material. You know that he changed well he. I don't know who wrote this. They changed the ability of the vampire to transform into other creatures. You know and that's gone. There was no r-enfield which was interesting. So you know. Maybe that's not in the source material. I don't know if you've never read it now. But i'm pretty sure ren fields in the source material. Yeah but as they can change the wolves and bats all right. I'll have to read it. And i'll get back to you but i'm pretty sure that's in there too. He does transform in the film. Bram stroker's dracula. He does yeah. Wolves is the favorite. He is depicted in the novel to have been the original of werewolf legends. So apparently in the novel he can change into a wolf. So there you go you read that. Get back to you. Know if that's correct or not said there were book. Report yes please. I'll expect that on my desk karen shit. I put it in member in the shoebox. You didn't have to do the book report where the little diorama was in shoebox and then you explained it all have done those. Yes yeah as well. Yes just like a written report on my desk by the end of the week. Karen anything else caring now. I don't think so so the next movie. The next movies yours next movies my choice. Yeah is it all right so the next film. I guess we're gonna do trick or treat. I've not seen trick or treat and there are several also. Let me the two thousand seven charlie. Trie film the horror and fellow g by. Michael dougherty dougherty dougherty. Okay that's why. I say his name in what's the drink drink. Please tell me it has been corn. Please tell me. Candy corn in. It does not perfect to drink are going to have is called sal insider k. Like what you're going to need parent. Would i hope it's not wrong. Because amount whiskey. Or what constitutes whiskey bourbon jonoski. Whatever just whiskey bourbon whiskey with. Hey done to be bourbon. It could it be gino's that i like bourbon. That's why saying that. He knows i have bourbon. Bourbon whiskey. whatever. Tennessee whiskey with yang care jack. Whatever right okay. Yeah fresh squeezed. Lemon juice out of the plastic lemon..

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