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Why don't you make one with your name on. it makes sense it's private. It's not like anyone can go. Look at this but like there. It is going to announce something like that. It's like you want to make sure your buttoned up. Although not button of enough bobby to find your holding know you requested. I requested it from high line overseas. New new girlfriend Living lavina laptop by gladys has a new girlfriend. She doesn't have a new girlfriend. This is interesting. Because like this is being covered everywhere. Because it's like lionel. Richie has a much younger girlfriend. Yeah she is much younger. And i saw this suddenly everywhere like every website was writing about the fact that lionel ritchie has a new younger girlfriend fans are shook. They cannot believe their age difference. I think it's a forty year age. Difference which i guess is notable. He's seventy one and she's thirty and just to put that in context. Sofia richie is twenty two. I gotta say like age differences. I think are tough because everyone you know everyone has their own kind of like thoughts about that. And that's okay but when the it always puts into context remain a weird way when the person has kids and the kids around the same age or young. That's always like 'cause that that's kind of an uncomfortable. Translation unreal life for just for an age difference. Otherwise it's hard to kind of put into context. Roy because you yourself imagining the family dynamic but it's like whatever not really my business but nicole. Richie is thirty nine okay. So this girl's almost ten years younger than his daughter. Yep we don't know what her ages he's actually quite private. It was like people think she was born nineteen eighty-nine they think so. She's maybe thirty three but just she could honestly be older. We do not all this woman. Lisa who he has been dating for some time even though some people just found out for not just some time. This is one of those stories. The only reason this went viral is because of a tweet. A photo that lionel ritchie posted at him and his girlfriend which is a beautiful photo like it also looks faced tuned to hell so they both look extra young. They're like to smooth. he's various he's very smooth. That is like that's that's khloe kardashian. Makeup yeah man by makeup. I mean technology. it's viral tweets controlling. the narrative is what we have here. That's been happening a lot i know. And it says lionel richie with his new bay. He's seventy one and she's thirty. Love winds none of that is true. She's not thirty and she's not new. Is he seventy one though. He is seventy one so that one. That's true and i guess things are because love does win so okay love wins is true. Love does win seventy one. But she's not thirty because that's unconfirmed. She's now he's not new because they've been dating since at least two thousand thirteen. At least the tweet itself went viral but the tweet that went viral was at king. Thelonious re tweeted bat and said i know shorties mama's jealous hell which is like her. Mom is the perfect age of a lionel ritchie fan. So basically he's making another joke about the age gap and that has twenty thousand retweets in one hundred and forty thousand likes. These two viral tweets are controlling the entire narrative around this. Because it's funny like if her mom is like let's say she's let's say she is thirty and her mom. Let's say fifty five sixty or something that is like the bullseye age to have a crush on lionel rich. Yes like my mom. Listening to long ritchie for the first time being. Hello so that is what this sweetest saying. But it's not true. All of her instagram is now like clapping back at the press but in like vague ways with stupid gifts like it's like she's like i've been dating this man i've put in my time like this is hilarious that everyone's now just like finding out to be mad was lisa parisi. We haven't even set her named lisa. Parisi she was a former model. She her instagram is mostly just photos of her promoting her beauty brand promoting lionel. Richie stop. She does so much work for his perfume. Which is called. Hello never forget. He launched a low. This year that was needed for for ray grits of the year at the fragrance foundation. Twenty twenty one awards. Here's the thing though. I was like i recognize this woman. I know that the daily mail has talked about this woman. I noted the daily meal is not only talked bit obsessed with this woman. I found no fewer than two four six eight ten twenty headlines since two thousand thirteen thousand fourteen when they started dating. The daily mail was on it there. Are you kidding. Iconic them dating a who who's younger. The daily mail is salivating. Read all of these. I won't yeah. I'll start at the top by the way. Okay that's not part of it but yeah this isn't even all of them. This is just the ones that specifically call her young or young. Okay double the. They're probably also at the top. We'll go we'll left to right okay. Dancing on the ceiling lionel. Richie flashes a smile. As he takes young mystery date tabasco ballgame lionel ritchie sixty. Four looks pleased with himself as he enjoys dinner date with his much younger cleavage. Bearing girlfriend lionel. Richie sixty five and his much younger girlfriend..

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