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The break we will speak with mark tate regarding the mr upon our pyo the joe are pyo of course he's a very polarizing figures vapid pardoned by the president were a talk about that but i wanna finish the rex tillerson story if you could please a c play the rex tillerson interview real quickly here i want you to hear exactly what he said of the morning show this weekend we express america's values from the state department we represent the american people who represent america's values our commitment to freedom our commitment to equal treatment of people the world over and that message has never changed and when the president gets into the kind of controversy he does in the un committee responds the way a does it seems to say that they begin to doubt our whether we're living those values i don't believe anyone doubts the american peoples values all the commitment of the american government or the governments agencies to advancing those values and defending those value and and the president's values the president speaks for himself chris are you separating yourself from that sir spoken i've made my own comet says to our values as well as speech i gave to the state department this passion now i think he's saying again i think he's not separate himself so much as separating the state department from the white house to keep saying our values i speak as we have our values at the state department and the question is is this him look king for a way out of the cabinet is this him just did sing himself from the white house and forcing that down mr trump's throat as a way of being able to operate the state department internationally the engage in effective negotiation or is this is this something the trump signed off on i dunno eight hundred two two two five two two two its most.

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