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Eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six here is something that i have noticed is an occupational hazard and jeremy teases me about this all the time when you see a lot of movies and you've seen a lot of movies for years the occupational hazard is falling asleep and it's real says sometimes at by the way i let the wreckage i did not fall asleep during any of this movie it was unfortunately impossible to do but sometimes when you see a lotta movies and especially like you're seeing the second movie in day and you take a toothpick and you're trying to keep your eye leads open a anything that is different anything that is weird anything that is bizarre then that will get praise and that's part of what happens with films like this let me go quickly to sean in atlanta sean you're on the michael medved show if my group banker click markor you bet um i think that every president had beer war and donald trump meat from make north korea his war i think pepper you westbook week weak and look like we're not picking my own five where we are able to hit barrio and mum clap added but when it comes to north korea we have iran and russia watch him off and we can't do anything about it because uh uh because grow up nuclear i've been battle we need to give her prayer um patriot missile drip why would report israel blowing bombed iraq war and we need to shoot into north korea amok commerce from the foul babakova from the ocean dumping by will say bad we all women you trump i have more council cree earned mole my ex faster through expensive fairmont who are going to north korea compromised grammy creep um because if about harm trump by end up i look i i think we may see something like that but.

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