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You're fine. Do you mean you're you're fine. You're fine. Okay, As is the Cubs could be the favorite to win the National League Central. Yeah, as is as though the next two drops and Danny goes Wise. They just traded get Paris. Well, I just need to know how much more payroll you need to shed. There's more coming. Oh, there's more coming. Oh, yeah. Socks keypad again? Yes. How much did they cut? Add that much to my paper. All you little off the top E thinks in payroll. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Well, a lot of money spending there. There's not one person goes through the turnstile. And the amazing thing was. I was watching some video of him last night in the guy's legit, Jerry. Uh, Liam had Oh, I said e guess who reads who tweeted out video of him. Trevor Bauer. About how you're good. Liam Hendriks is Miller. How excited are you? Your socks? Diehard, like there are less and less. It's harder and harder to find any holes on this roster right now with what they're doing on the page on paper. You got yourself a lockdown Closer. I'll give James Fagan of the athletic credit because he wrote up a breakdown of this, and he mentioned how Tony LaRussa in his book, One last strike, used to have debates with his pitching his longtime pitching coach, Dave Duncan. About whether you'd rather have a nice at the top of your staff or locked down closer. And Tony LaRussa always said I want. Give me the lockdown closer because that, you know, then the bullpen falls in the place. Look, you've got Tony LaRussa, and now you've got exactly what he's always wanted. And It's funny because they add him from the A's and White Sox fans can remember now as the playoffs this season. And you know it ended two at the hands of the A's. You had Liam Hendriks come out in game to throw 49 pitches and just shut down the White Sox in Game two. And everyone thought, Okay, well, Likelihood that he'll be available in Game three is probably not very high, but oh no, no, no Liam Hendriks in Game three when the A's eliminated the white sex from the playoffs this year, said Give me the ball went out there struck out the side in 14 pitches. I mean, this is a guy who has an attitude of he's got the old school. Closer mentality. Give me the ball. I'm gonna end this. I think it locks of perfectly and now the great thing is the White Sox had a good bullpen, but they didn't have the guy who you knew yet was going to be the closer. I'm not saying they couldn't have found that guy in this pen. What to know. You have a guy who you trust in the ninth inning and then you've got a lot of high velocity arms. Garrick Rochet. You know what I mean? Aaron. Bummer. So I went through analytical site last night. Two of the top eight relievers in baseball number one. Liam Hendriks, number eight. Erin Bummer. I mean, two of the top eight. Take that. It's all right. We got Ryan to Pere. He got an M V P vote it take that. It's pretty good to be a White Sox fan right now to Paris. Really Good little lime on top Tip. Parent temper. Oh, I beg your pardon? Well, it's the same way Do you see the season coming back? That's the same. You put a little live on him this upcoming season. I just, You know, I just look at the Capitol. I'm just very optimistic and we're gonna have some news here. Coming up very soon. Here. We're gonna have some some crazy dude, please. He's breaking news on Chicago's home for sports. ESPN. 1000 Way turned out to veteran newsman Dan Settlement when breaking news here on Capitol Hill. Danny Control's gone bright. What is it that we get it for it and Maggie Gentlemen. Good morning. No. Unfortunately, that is not the news of the day. The news of the day is more money being spent by Chicago Sports franchise. The Chicago Blackhawks and coach Jeremy Carlton have signed a two year contract extension. The new contract runs through the 2022. 2023 season. Hey, boys Like my hat like my shoes. What about my watch? Let's go boys to your extension, Dinner on me everything even though everything else was closed, Let's go on out. How about that to your extension? You hear me? I need you to be just good dude to the media just deal with the team because you're going to get your ass kicked this year. There's not gonna be a stories about you getting fired. I'll extend you that means they're going nowhere anytime so nowhere that the transition continues on the West side. Correct. That's why he's still in place. You're not ready to win yet. Okay, so the White Sox are two whose arrow is clearly pointing up You like my watch Another two years. Quinn Ville top line. Let's go, boys, let's go voices. That is why we should all be rejoicing that Jeremy Collins and got a new contract. That alone work years of three year extension for the Hoody Callison impression. Beautiful. Yes, Let's do this. Like my shoes. Two more years to socks are team whose arrow is clearly pointing up the bears. On the other hand, let's go boys so much. Rex Ryan destroyed Matt Maggie. Destroyed him. You'll hear it and we'll talk about it. Next. Yes, eyes.

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