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Argonne serum out of just like you're so fucking let your does stuck there you have to be able to tell that water there is this one time we in you tell the story jesse you never go there again yes will you sit there your mind yourself that you have to breathe yes i hate man you have to start breathing time and then you didn't you stir ask like him i suppose the blink for myself is my brain going to blink where brave forgets do shit like blake geoghegan breathing it's a weird place to be how i think that by that for me to go lay down it's like when you're that you're how you're not sleeping you're not awake but you're fully conscious what's going on around you've got a moves so my lady was watching some about uh what's the shit that they're putting into shit that killing people fluoride the toothpaste know through their water drink the water to now the fucking kept why don't we put a uh um adderall in water i think too much will get done uh yeah i mean like i'm all for enhancing the population genetically but you've got to do it was yaalom know like the they have to willingly that they have to do i think would just going sprinkle in and just watch the city grow i'm all enormous i would just figure out what surely we should do it to and just if i'm president has probably going to happen just know that you know this camp fails are gonna be real advantage and also know that employment rate net towns get a drop drop the unemployment rate i think he said employment i picked up and i think like through letters they're really gina the entire right there unemployment or employment or maybe maybe elaborate will get ten ninety nine.

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