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States, again, Oklahoma is not. At one of those states, and that number is the highest figure in the US in some twenty-five years. Governor Kevin stood today. Saw for himself the tornado damage in southern Oklahoma. From last week. He spent about two hours this afternoon near book. Tito, where a tornado touchdown April thirtieth a spokesperson says he surveyed the area by helicopter, and by vehicle and also he walked around the also visited a survivor center at Rock Creek elementary school in nearby Durant. And we know now there were twenty nine children on board that Putnam city school bus this morning when the bus collided with a Bethany police cruiser this all happened right across right about eight o'clock or so near northwest, thirty six and Hammond. Seven children on the bus suffered minor injuries when they were treated at the scene the bus driver. And the Bethany police officer were taken to a hospital we have not gotten an update on their conditions. The cause of that crash is under investigation and a lot in woman has been arrested for allegedly shooting. Another one. Woman in the leg during an argument at happened Saturday night, the victim was taken to a hospital. Fifty eight year old Cheryl Brown was taken to jail. She was booked on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon and from the t-. Okay weather center and the forewarn storm team, partly cloudy, warm and muggy overnight. A ten percent. Chance of rain alot about sixty two. We have a twenty percent chance of rain on Tuesday, a high about eighty and then in the evening, we have a one hundred percent chance of rain developing. That's going to continue on into Wednesday where it's going to be cloudy with a high about seventy six partly cloudy cooler on Thursday with a high of sixty three more local news in sixteen thirty minutes. I'm Beth Myers. Newsradio one thousand KT. Okay. Newsradio one thousand KT okay studios are a service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for low T. Learn more at universalmensclinic dot com. So is there a roadblock for the dome church? I will give you what I know coming up. No, no. There's no crisis at the border. At bluecross blueshield, our companies take what we learned from covering one in three Americans to make health care work better from pinpointing hotspots for asthma and taking action to keep kids in school to matching patients with the primary care doctors, they need we use our unmatched data and unique insights.

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