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Welcome back javy crumlin third. And it's my honor. Today to be interviewing bruce langford normally. I'm interviewing people on my podcast conscious millionaire show but actually you might want to go over there and check out. Bruce interviewed me for the conscious millionaire. Show so we're just flipping but getting interviewed on our own shows. And now it's time for me to just take a moment for you. And i want you to know that i appreciate you showing up because i knew if you're showing up for the mindfulness mode podcasts that you are truly interested and probably committed to having a life. That has more purpose more. Mindfulness that you want take your journey to a deeper level. I know that. Bruce takes you there on every episode and so we want to take you there in a new way with a twenty four hour challenge. Roussel turned that over to you. Yeah so. I challenge you to put meditation into your life in the next twenty four hours. Now that can just be a five minute period of meditation. Or maybe if you've been a regular meditate or or even a sporadic meditators. Maybe you might want to commit yourself to doing. You know twenty or thirty minute meditation session but promise yourself within the next twenty four hours. You are going to do a meditation session and you can. You can couple that with deep breathing you can You can use an app for that like the com app or the insight timer app. Those apps will help you to do this. But i encourage you to do this. Twenty four hour challenge. Make sure you do meditate between now and when twenty four hours from now is concluded. So yeah get into your life and then added to your life on a regular basis after that. I love that bruce Meditation is such an important part of each of our lives. And and i know when you make it. An important part of yours are deepen your meditation practice. You already have that you're going to get into transform from the inside out to a new level. I wanted to reach out and thank all of bruce's fans in toronto and australia and now it's time for. Yes the knowing air entrepreneur. Questions and bruce. I want to start with mindset which is pretty like next door neighbor to mindfulness right. What's the fine set that you've developed that help you discover your best business opportunities. Well the mindset is moving from a place where. I thought i had to do it all as an entrepreneur. I thought oh. I have to figure all this out and do it all to a place where i felt comfortable asking for help so the mindset is.

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