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There's a long. Strong. He'll word. That Era Church Song Kill Lord as really catchy is really catchy, but it's like the dumbest Song I like like you WanNa. Stop seeing it because you don't want to. You don't WanNa. Let those just they're just such dumb dumb lyrics. So dumb year I get the spirit of it like. Vodka kill hate their dear, Liza dear, it's. It's just you like. This is terrible songwriting just terrible songwriting. It's you've been. You've been seeing it for last five minutes. Stevenson songwriting. It's not decent songwriting. It's it's a catchy tune without the tune. There's nothing. Better Song other than a catchy tune. They could have found better words that weren't just just the worst rioting ever. Anyway. Welcome back. This is the morning brushback I'm Dan Blewett. Bobby how you doing? Good Good Morning, good morning good morning. Good morning everyone. No guests today we do have some guests in the works for next week and beyond potentially. So I, know everyone just abhors having to listen to US talk although. A Nice compliment this week about iron sharpening iron 'cause we talked about how we could disagree civilly. which is a which is honestly astonishing like I. Don't know how you carry some of your views youth, some asinine views on life but we talk through them and I- Berate you for them, and then we're it's like an even happened. It's a, it's honestly a fascinating. Thing Danny just humor your ignorance and hope you come around to the good side at some point right? Right. Right. We did have that. That was the guy that commented on that on twitter. Some his son plays for me. He's I. talked to him a lot. He's kind of a Ozzy's bias biased seals fakeness I don't know if he's biased i. think he kinda grise. Towards liking you know towards us I, don't think anybody is biased towards I. Think I think you have to try really hard. So, you can be only biased one way. Got It. You I don't i. don't see how it's how how you can dislike me I just really don't see that. L. So many ways so many ways so many ways. Sexually, pretty pretty common pretty common theme amongst the Chicago Land Area. So. Today's podcast. We're GONNA talk about some old drills and this is a a fresh in my mind topic because. And this is very rare But with my softball videos I just found to like large facebook groups. one is like fifty thousand members like forty thousand members, and when I make a new south wrong video, I'll usually just post each one in there and be like hey. New Video on throwing. Here's one line about hoped the selves because all free information. And so I made a video of this past week about side. Get I get questions and bobby. Do you guys talk about this? Do you feel and we're not gonNA talk about softball steadily armour more about baseball but. Do you feel people ask you about the risks snap in throwing like you know my son or my daughter they don't throw is really don't have the the snap in their wrist of other players like, do you get that people definitely think it's like a an an I personally feel like I know I'm not doing it but I feel like that way I was thinking about throwing like snapping through it helps me like it helps with accuracy and helps me with. Just feeling like I'm getting some more on the baseball even though obviously or talk about say it helps nothing. Like the drill itself helps nothing. Well I think as an infielder, there's a little more. So basically I think the slower you throw the more the wrist is involved like the more the risk and move. So as you're throwing a ball on the run as an infielder, there is going to be more wrist movement than if you're a pitcher were now fitter throwing like. Very hard. and I think there's something to that where you're thrown across the diamond a little bit. But They're they're just this when you when you slow down in slow motion, which is what I did this video to basically say look we need to stop talking about the snap like this is not the reason that you don't throw. Well, this is not a reason that you should be doing this as a drill like the risk of essentially doesn't really exist even if you feel like it exists even if there's like an inch or two of wrist movement, which is basically about all there is there is pretty much during a throw if you look at high speed video. It's like it's along for the ride it's like trying to teach. Your kid to walk like it's just going to happen. Like, you don't need to do it like the wrist. No pitcher ever talks about risks. Now lead the as what your snap as a pitcher now. No, you know. I don't teach pitching though. Well, there's nothing there's nothing to snap like when your arm is moving at high speed it just it's just going at that speed and it's too fast free to consciously control it. And then go train it. So it does it when you're doing it, it's like no flipping a ball to your buddy ten feet away doesn't train a movement that's completely different looking number one because you doesn't flop over like this. And a real throw. And how would flipping a ball that weighs five ounces looking at ten fee train you to throw ball. Ninety miles per hour where there is a lot of force like that's a lot of forced to control. Do you think that's that game from do we have a back on the risk flip? I think probably president trump is to blame for this. Go down the rabbit hole here. It's probably was probably Teddy Roosevelt honestly. Teddy get action. He's the man. Teddy. Would never. Remember. He would risk flip. No, there's there's. This practically started the Great Depression the risk flip. Yeah. So word also gonNA shine a little bit about just being resistant to change. That's the thing and I also WanNa. Talk about arm actions because we've we've touched on this a little bit in the past but since Lucas Jualita threw a no hitter. And he is like one of the prime examples of guys who've changed their arm action into this very weird very short arm action. That's worth discussing a little bit today. So, Bob. How do you feel like throughout your career and we'll this is going back to the wrist snap thing and again like that one drill, it's not really done in baseball. It's done in youth baseball a little bit a little like I'm GonNa Flip my risk thing. But high level teams have gotten away from that. Pretty I mean pretty consistently it's not done in college not Gonna Pro Ball. I. Think the best travel teams don't really do that drill very often. It's kind of like a still stuck in the passing but how often do you feel like coaches are?.

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