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This week this week history us for this week in eighteen ninety one james naismith inventive ask johnson became the first black world heavyweight boxing champion this week 1950s sweetie 1917 the first games of the new nhl were played the first nfl playoff jane took place this week 1932 sweetie nineteen forty seven nascar was founded in daytona beach florida this week 1973 with the miami dolphins became the first undefeated nfl team in a season ars peiris an unexpected call may change everything for you this week doris you have to analyse the pros and cons of a longterm project you wanna start gemena i avoid conflicts because things could escalate quite quickly cancer your attitude this week gave he far with some important people leo some from the best keeps popping up at your memories this week but why and vertigo remember that change is good even if it's caused by something unpleasant as the girard scopes are coming up soon oh hi there al dukes here and like most americans hi to have a podcast is called al's boring podcast wfan's morning show producer ozone show crowe athletes have been in all of the olympic sports except for boxing and wrestling okay although he send their pro wrestlers over there since sergeant slaughter to fight the ire chief back in a hyder article eight olympic download you subscribe at the new radio dot com powell's boring podcast monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the.

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