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Adam Schefter on NFL live with Suzy kolber. We'll show you the two situations are obviously tied together. And right now James Connor is officially in the NFL's concussion protocol, which means have to pass tests from independent neurologist before he can come back and play if he can come back and play in Pittsburgh next game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now. Fortunately for Connor and the Steelers they have the extra three days off this week. We'll see whether he can get through their protocol or not in the interim, we wait and see on levian bell. He. It has to be in by Tuesday, four o'clock eastern or he is ineligible to play for the remainder of the year. No matter what he does. Whether he reports or dozen report does not affect his free agent status. He is still scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers would use their franchise tag on them. The costs would be too prohibitive. But the Steelers could use their transition tag on him. And then have the right to match any offer sheet he signs with another team. Now would Pittsburgh keep him around at that salary. Maybe maybe not. But certainly, maybe they can even look to trade him. Once he signs that offer sheet that would be an option available to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. But again Bill hasn't till Tuesday, four o'clock to be able to report maybe I bell is back in Pittsburgh. But no indication that he's visited the Steelers facility team owner art, Rooney two seconds thoughts. Followed by ESPN NFL analyst Darren Woodson. I don't know what his plans are. But I would say that at this point. We we expect them to come back next week. Now, we know he's back in Pittsburgh. And so we we're hoping to have some communications with them over the weekend. And we're kind of expected this this he'll be back next week. Great to have three times Super Bowl champ Darren Woodson back with us art. I'm putting you in the Steelers locker room, you are a leader. Yes. If and when bell comes back into the locker room, what would you say to him? I'm welcome with open arms because the goal is to win a championship and kept. But one thing about the.

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