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Laser in his car coming up it will be California verses the trump administration over Dhaka before the highest court in the land more that story just first traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five to one twenty five years to start but I had a feeling this is going to happen in Agoura hills on the one one south or east if you will and they have a full closure there from Chesbro road to liberty canyon road and tell about four or five this morning so would just be aware of that they're diverting you down to a girl road and then you're just right back on at either liberty canyon or avoid all the mess and go further down the lost hills and get back on their in Inglewood on the four five south and Florence Avenue there's a disable car on the offramp not really affecting your drives are going to take that off the old chalkboard here and then in Castaic on the five north Adelaide cues road vehicles who are running over some debris in lanes and getting flat tires or to check something else out there was a happening at like Hughes road so I'm pretty sure that must be the same thing because I don't see anything else going on there so that's good news then in the al hambre area this is on the attendees to new avenues on ramp and to have something going on there this is and roast meat actually not there's a some sort of debris or Krashen lanes there is just coming in off the chalkboard so just be aware of that we have a couple of things going on in the east LA interchange the one one south transition to the sixty east a tire was reported in lanes and then once you know what on the five south transition to the sixty which I believe is the same thing there's a pickup truck blocking the left lane and that ran over an object in lane so do the math next reports coming up at one thirty five I'm least hours for traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio fifty three degrees in thousand oaks it's fifty seven degrees in Yorba Linda at one twenty seven an advocacy group says that the recent horse death at.

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