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The Valero Alamo Bowl is always a good thing that end your season with a win. Send these seniors out with great taste in their mouth and start the off season with a lot of positivity Texas Longhorns coach Tom Herman after his team ends the season. Like, he said on a positive note, beating the Colorado Buffaloes 55 to 23. They did lose their senior quarterback Sam Mellinger, missed the second half anyway. After he suffered what Herman called a shoulder sprain. It's unclear what exactly he suffered the entry, sacked on back to back plays on the long hard drives in the first half. And Elegir, the four year starter has announced yet whether or not he is coming back or not. And I'd like to invite my TCU friends to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and join me tonight and rooting for Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl against Florida. Look, just because because you don't have a team to root for show on New Year's Eve The Macari, Texas ball between the Frogs and the Razorbacks has been canceled due to the cove in 19 concerns. Ah, they were supposed to play tomorrow night down in Houston. But the Frogs have too many players that have tested positive so You say? I don't have a team The Route four on New Year's Eve? No, I said you don't have a horn frog. Okay, so go ahead and say San Jose State. You know, we're kind of brothers. The Arizona Bowl. Good luck with that one. If you want to go with that our army is playing that night. Well, you've got the bowl game and Fort Worth? Yeah. So that's kind of like rooting for the frog. It seems playing in their room for the stadium. You can't lose, right. You know what? You look at sports and a wet Wednesday. Good morning. I'm Steve Lamb. This is the W B A P Morning news with traffic and weather on the ones with Monty and meteorologist Brad Barton. Plus news and sports at the top and bottom of the hour with Nicolo Say, and Steve Lamb. No, Hell J and Brian S Ridge on news, talk a 20 use talk a 20 wv AP Howland Brian off today, Scott said, way here in for both of them with Steve Lamb, Monte Cook. Lee rise A and as TCU put it to continue on to that conversation from an article in the Star Telegram, one TCU source said. We simply ran out of guys when it comes to not being able to feel the team for that. Texas bone a couple days, I guess tomorrow not been tomorrow. Uh, the big 12. Basically, during this cove it nonsense. You have to have 53 players eligible. That includes at least seven offensive lineman for defensive lineman and the quarterback will do, uh, Uh, So when you look at those standard, the fact that teach you how to pull out of this game. It must have been a pretty bad out brains. They flat, right? Will you guys you've got to have 53 players to be eligible. Seven on the offensive line four on the defensive line and one quarterback, and I've heard that somewhere. Yeah, You know, I called Coach P y Cinematheque. So I said, I've got four years of eligibility pound. If you need to put me right, I would I would pay to watch that. See those mountains over there. I can throw the football over them all the way over those mountains. I wouldn't go that far. So what do you do if you had this hotel it cancel all year. That's a good question. You know, there's a lot of lot of factors that go into that, right. Like what happens to the TV sponsorships. What happens to the you know who sponsored the Texas Bowl this year? Oh, Mark R E M a car, which is a do they get it? They sell stuff on blind or something. It's a great description state. Well, those cos you're gonna go to Amazon. Go to Macari, The person you need Tonto reach out to Would be Uh, Mrs Est Ridge. Gotcha. Because he's gonna be Mr Grumpy. Not having a game. Well, Monty was supposed to be the voice. No, no, I'm still no. I'll still be doing my p a stuff over at. Uh Oh, That's right. That's where you are. You are you got you just stole my thunder because I failed to mention that yesterday when I mentioned that game, and I was going to do a big story this morning about and if you're going To Fort Worth and the boys you'll hear. Gotcha. So I'll still let you do it. Steve, I'm not gonna stop here. But I don't know. I've already been throwing under the bus. I didn't know you under the bus. No, you didn't. But I was only some of them was saying not paying attention to buddy either. Either way, it zed. I'm not too bummed about it because I'd be bummed. I mean, it's I've been so un invested in college football season on know that price Say, Monty, You're horrible TCU fan for saying that needs I get it. You have every right to say that. It's just it's been hard to root for college football when they've had game's canceled on. You see teams like Ohio State in the playoff player. Well, they've won six games and money. It's kind of appropriate, I guess for teach you that this happens because this is sort of the way the season started. With the starting you? Yes. And you've right having a having a B while it was postponed you? Well, yeah. And then eventually they said no, We're not gonna We're not gonna play. The reason It's really upsetting for me is because you know, they kind of had a rough start this season. I thought they finish really strong and It would have been fun to watch him, you know, would have been found. Some found a three and six right Razorback team. Here we go. C C team. I mean, you know, according to Liam, three and six sec teams should be able to beat literally anyone else in the country. Glad they finally they put Louisiana Tech on the schedule to make the ballgame. Just play the invitations there. If you'd like to Since your school my school of Barb boat, both a part of the same conference. He might as well root for one of your conference brothers tonight. He's just giving us an idea for charity. In case we haven't done anything nice for anyone this year, Monty Before the end of 2020 like this is a trap like there's no way to win this one. It's okay. I am rooting for no. You win. Just I do like like Steve said. Yes, sir. The big 12 succeeding and I'll be pulling for I will be pulling for Oh, years that make you happy Search to I've got to you want to jump in here? I'll go. The game with me, Steve have a parking pass. I mean, lately, Dr. The tough bargain. It's 5 12 it W B A P coming up next the vote on the $2000 stimulus checks in the Senate. Yeah, it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Mitch McConnell says no, but a couple of senators. These are important names. Say yes, they do Want it. We'll get into all the stimulus details after traffic.

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