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Wilson Goode, Frank Rizzo, Hillary Clinton discussed on John Batchelor


You're playing for letting these riots get out of control as trump done enough what would you recommend to stop the street thugs right now should trump shut down the social media giant's temporarily to quell the riders should the military be brought in to quell the riots now there's a correction from one of my followers on Twitter who goes by the handle college blitz he says correction Wilson Goode who succeeded Frank Rizzo ordered the bombings of the row homes thank you very much appreciate it but I I did tweet something during the showed after the last hour which is when people are scared they vote right not left and I think that's a very important thing for us to keep in mind and I don't know whether the trump team knows that and that they're letting this faster you know what I'm saying I'm I'm a little worried right now because they're not really active if they're not proactive enough here and what do you think about the idea of the young woman who said to me that Hillary Clinton actually president would have stopped these people cold in their tracks you never let this get out of hand sure used much tougher tactics than trump is using you know it's it's interesting question well first wouldn't happen on the Hillary Clinton because they ordered a working for her one way or the other all these groups but let's say you did have rights insurrections in the country you think Hillary would let it get this far should be tougher than trump you think I don't know Nevada Dino lying to go ahead you're on the savage nation what's on your mind yeah I just wanted to say that I think that was giving.

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