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Sirius XM's Podesta's together with the Washington Examiner presents mainstreet meets the beltway everyone's life has a story, and I believe that every story should have the ability to be told assure that brings the stories of everyday Americans to Washington DC. I have put in total in the past twelve years, three hundred thousand miles on my fourteen year old Jeep liberty people have the most amazing wives. Now from point park university in Pittsburgh, here's your host, Selena Zito. Hey, guys, welcome back to main street, meets the beltway on Sirius XM potus. I'm Selena, Zito reporter and columnist for the Washington Examiner. So coming up on today's show, I'm gonna have to really great guests. John persinger. He's the CEO of the Erie downtown Development Corporation in Erie, Pennsylvania, and also Jamie Rowe. He's the owner of grand river strategies and he works on Republican campaigns in Michigan. It's going to give us an update on what's going on in that swing state. But I, I have a little treat for you when I was in Erie last week ahead of his rally. I interviewed President Trump, oh, about twenty twenty five minutes before they rally began. It was done at Erie insurance arena, which is a hockey arena in downtown eerie. The event was I think the first person in line got there at like ten thirty in the morning, and it didn't start till. Seven at night. It was a very highly energized, happy crowd inside and outside. And I asked him a series of questions. You can see the full story at the Washington Examiner, Washington Examiner dot dot com. But a play you a couple of clips from some of the questions that I asked them beginning with his thoughts about dick Blumenthal, the US Senator from Connecticut, the greatest. He's not running. Of course, he could never do that, but. The greatest is Don named dick, right? You remember, I just can't believe it's because of the me too. They've taken so much of it all, but he apologized like Jimmy Swaggart crying bawling because he conned the public when he was attorney general of Connecticut for fifteen years. Talking about as I as I went to darning bullets left and right my friends going down meaning being killed bullets, flying right by my face and over my shoulder. I thought he was a warrior of ears. You know, he's in Connecticut. Here is to, I say, he's a great war here. The guy was never in Vietnam. He was in the reserves Limonta Blumenthal and dick, we come down because it was done in province. He said he when I was in Don Nang province going up the hill. My buddies falling left, and right guy was never. And if you remember, he dropped sort of dropped out of the reason that he won because he's a Democrats impossible not to win right in Connecticut. By the way, that's why Connecticut is in the bad shape that they're in because guys like him. And then he looks at this incredible number one student at Yale, and he says, we want transparency from you. We want honesty from you. I'm saying, this is done and dick. This is a man. You know, it's one thing. Some guys say, hey, they win the service. This guy was a, this guy was like, we should look at him for the congressional medal of honor. Okay. He's a total fraud and he's looking at Blumenthal is looking at, you know, at this incredible outstanding Brett cavenaugh with one of the who's been a judge for at the highest level and the most respected person, what they did to him is incredible. The next step I asked the president, you know any other Republican nominee or former Republican president like George H W Bush or George W Bush or Mitt Romney or or John McCain it had. They made it to the presidency would have nominated Brett Cavanaugh, but a lot of people wonder if any other Republican president would have actually seen it all the way through and got him confirmed. So a supporter here today said to me, probably any Republican would have chosen cavenaugh, but no one would have had his back and got him confirmed. I thought he was treated very unfairly. This is a person that actually when I chose him, I said, this will be very easy. He's leading exemplary life. I mean, he's never had the problem is life from being number one at Yale and never wanted Yale Law School at number one in. School and everywhere..

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