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Baseball legend Frank Robinson has passed away the age of eighty three hall of fame baseball player and manager. Frank Robinson had been in hospice care at his home. He was the first manager to break. Baseball's color line when he took the hell of the Cleveland Indians in one thousand nine hundred seventy five not long after his own incredible full-time playing career had ended. He does that his first game as manager in his first at bat by hitting a home run one of five hundred eighty six he hit in his career, George Monzon reporting a change in baseball terminology deputy Commissioner Dan Hallam said MLB is changing the name of its disabled lists to injured lists this at the suggestion of advocacy groups for the disabled, including the link twenty network clubs were notified of the change in a December twentieth memo from the league office, you can always get more. Breaking news. You can always read more nalysts. They're both at townhall dot com. Another day of jury deliberations in the New York trial of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman on the fourth day of deliberation. In the El Chapo case. There was a flurry of activity unrelated to the trial itself. A man claiming to be a relative of the notorious drug Lord tried to sit in seats reserved for the family. He was removed to an overflow courtroom. And later arrested on outstanding warrants all of which happened out of sight and sound of the jury it's deliberating charges that Joaquin Guzman used murder and torture to rule over the Sinoloa drug cartel as it smuggled hundreds of tons of cocaine from Mexico. There is still no verdict deliberations will resume next week. Warren Levinson, New York on this date in one thousand nine hundred forty eight General Dwight Eisenhower resigned as the US army chief of staff and was succeeded by General, Omar, Bradley. You can check out more on these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda strip. This is Dennis Prager. Today. Our nation sits either on the cusp of greatness, four calamity immigration issues. The.

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