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And the highest pay forward Jonathan Joy in five and a half million a year for another favorite team you know but he's I think I think this is still some consistency issue down. Tampa looked like he finally kind of arrived. You Know Steve E. Y. Got Rid of them the right time and made the trade I don't I don't know of He's the guy to lead this team. Offensively I mean I'd like to see more of a more consistency. I don't know man like not to knock the guy nothing against him. I just feel like I don't know if he's got that burning desire. I think he's kind of like you know my way or the highway type thing. You said like some days some games he'll just disappear. I believe a few times last year. The media was getting a little bit because he struggled. I mean for what the break Oh look it is Hugh's third third overall pick third overall pick and and I'm not saying that see Steve y Saul Saul what it was in realize hey this is not the one of the guys that we need to keep around because he had to make decisions on scale Guy Tyler Johnson and and you know he probably saw some cracks in his game and he still hasn't improved on those mistakes so right now great move by Tampa. I don't I think he's he's regretting it much. show playoffs not for the Canadians Biz. I say I say no and that's no disrespect to them. I think they have some some moves to make and they're getting getting better when you already said no I said No. I think honestly I mean haven't seen Clo- coach for years with Boston. That guy can get a lot of rosty might not the can and I think honesty Z. Bringing Kincaid I I mean the M E was bad last year in bringing and Kincaid. I think that's GONNA be improvement so they might be able to get better goaltender overall. His price wouldn't have to play as much. I think price can have a big yeah. I get the haves in they would just out last year by a little. I think they just got improve. Somewhat I get in the playoffs. I have this philosophy that like sometimes like stargell carry price like why me I talked to to Curtis Joseph about it because we meet for coffee for a few hours in one thing that he said was he loved being the guy so it's like not saying he would want his backup to struggle but like if NAM Yummy wasn't playing they looked to carry like like yo you gotTa Win all your games last year. Carey price was back to carry price right so I mean I'm not saying that if they can cade in there that that if he's playing playing well it might fuck things up but you know sometimes you know goalies in the back of the mind. A little bit got a little pressure. He's been around. No maybe not a guy you WANNA be fucking. Burn out with sixty sixty five spots if you don't have to so all right I got them going the playoffs you too don't next up team. A lot of people are talking about the Florida Panthers. They finished up last year at eighty six six points lots of new faces in this city share Gabe Brodsky big signing a net noah cherry big on the bottom six Brett Conley Anton Stroman they said goodbye to Roberto Luongo who retired in James Raimo Leff of Patches the one big addition though doesn't wear uniform. That's probably Joel Quenneville him and Del Town. They're gonNA try to recreate some of that midway magic. They didn't Chicago Down in south Florida. Also a whole new tandem inept Bobrovsky obvious thought of the same Samuel Monta Mbo is going to be backing up and that's like they would kill the panthers goaltender all due respect to Roberto Hall of fame and all that but it was a rough year for the panthers net if they got you know averaged a you know better than average golden. They might have been the playoffs show with go do for us with Florida. Don't you boy this is my team along with Dallas where a lot of people are kind of saying. Look what these two are going to do. While I'm on board with both of them I love I love. I love what they've done there and starts with Quenneville the guide knows how to win. He's done it everywhere everywhere he's ever been and now they have a guy behind the bench. There and I think that guy's really liked. What was his name last year all Buddha just drawing a blank here? It's been a long week but now it's just a guy who's been so proven in one Stanley Cups and if you look at Bar Cobb and who I mean that's ninety point guys now and those probably aren't going GonNa Change at all. They had tro check out for a long time. He's sick. I've been saying how long for how long this guy is how good he's been for a long time. I saw him in the HR. The story's been told a million sometimes he's a Gamer. He competes like an animal. Can score can set guys up. I mean I gave for Toronto a hard time with the Bruin. He's got no vision will. He got twenty four last year so he's not going to get you a ton of assessment with that shot. He's going to be able to score yandell on the back in sixty two points probably his best year at a pro. He told me a youth told me if he doesn't and get it. Doesn't anyone suck on that. Everyone and he told me feels great. I think he's going to do another. have another monster season what I really like about the moves there along with Quenneville is that ah they bring in three guys that don't jump out anyone put how good every team that they've been on have been Anton Straw Rahman when he's in New York they were great Ska- was great. The Guy can move. He's getting older but still that's a depth guy that can help defensively. He's not the same player that he was originally eh early in exactly Brett Conley Yeah. Oh yeah that guy was a high pick and it didn't work out at the beginning well now. He's turned into this third player and he kinda put up and down lineup and you could stick them on the third line. No He's pretty good defensively and he'll get you fifteen goals. If not more that's a big addition and then and the other one we talked about when the Bruins came up Chari so now they got that sandpaper and grit and Mackenzie Weigo's enough to worry about fighting them he just has to worry about getting prank by Foley so the team is is just up and coming and and then last year people said they could make the playoffs goaltending Longo. What a career he didn't have it anymore? I think that everyone was kind of aware watching him. He was battling through injuries as he was getting older while Bob Ross key is I said what Ki- said before the hardest work he's ever seen. One of the top goals in the league inconsistency has been somewhat of a factor but maybe he's out to approve that he is true true superstar number one after getting that deal. He's got the business to prove it and one more guy I want to mention is Henrik bork stream so this guy dominated dominated college hockey and last year he was up and down. I mean he ended up playing fifty games. Eighteen points put this is someone that if you talk to people within Florida's always GM oh they ah they're planning on this guy being sixty point. I I'm not saying no not that good not necessarily saying sixty points this year. They're saying he's going to turn into a dominant thirty thirty. Goal Scorer second-line player believed that Matheson Skates like the wind you saw the big deal. He got people were surprised and said he's a Fariq doesn't she doesn't drink rank and he lifts weights for breakfast lunch and dinner. That's all he does with his life where you fucking covered it all I know because I'm fired up for this team and I just think that even if they had add all these pieces and Borowski the addition there you'd still think of like iron all the panthers. It's such a battle. The fans aren't there but Quenneville. Ra You said it's making making an impact with a coach like that Fox trots can get the islanders into the plus. What is coined? We're GONNA do with the skill on this team and apparently he got in and saw Barkov just said Holy Shit. It's fun. It's going to be a fun season and I'm very excited and the one guy didn't mention. I'm sorry keep going. It's often because Hoffman you heard the issues Ottawa offer shit well. There's nothing going on down there beside him. Just sniping boys like to love this club and they are my fourth team from this division four in the metropolitan to make the play. I guess I'll chase it with with I agree. I think they're gonNA make playoffs. That's why didn't have Montreal in as I said you covered most of it they've added so many reasons why I believe either GonNa make the playoffs and you mentioned them the big signings but last year they dealt with some injuries and all they had a bad one with tro check yet Mississippi Picking Games and he's he's How would I compare them to on another team? He's kind of that kind of me ten. Does it all out there. He's kind of he similar like Qadri where he'll mix it up a little bed. He just adds that secondary scoring and he's just he's just a Gamer just finds a way to get it done so if they're able to avoid injury and another thing is they had a lot of third period live gave it up the lead the most in the third period last last year they struggled. They couldn't keep the puck other in that they couldn't get that big. Save and Input Broschi can provide that I think they could even be at the top of the top of that conference offense. That's how much of a swing team has had in momentum yet beige. I'll show you what you mentioned. He's a guy he really found his game in. DC You know he bounced around Tampa to Boston. He didn't do a lot day found his game there and now he's getting paid down in Florida me I think the goal is going to be a lot better to Quinn will factors there. I got the panthers back in the playoffs with this squad. Would you say I said I'm in a bid. What did you say Oh yeah? I got three three on Florida and next up boys with the old Buffalo Sabres at seventy six points last year new faces in town Jimmy Visi Markus Johannesson Call Mila they said Adios to Alexander knee land and this is a team that got out of the gate hot last year until I boy Grenell put the women and they sank like a stone secondary score and I think is going to be an issue for them this year in that they got caught a Hutton. Atlanta's presumably will both get a crack at number one Whitney would he got on the save is Buddy. All Chippewa Street BOFFA lows savers hockey's coming back and people are excited for good reason now. I'm going to be positive about the sabers right now and I'm GonNa give Sabres fans ends. Whoever else is listening reason to really believe deekor? Look d group great depth okay so you're going to look at a team with Dalian who dad rookie season guys that was sick very forty. Four points didn't miss a game. I mean that's an eighteen year old Daemon. Watch this year..

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