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Seen numerous exigencies disasters. Emergencies affecting america's national security establishment. Let's start with a simple can palace and katie mcfarland. Follow this lady right now on twitter at real. Kt the lettuce. Kt mcfarland Is it Unwise is it too simplistic to compare the fall of kabul under biden to the fall of saigon. Give us your take on. That comparison was actually in the white house situation room. The night of the fall saigon. I was That was in april. Nineteen seventy five and america had fought and at least fought to a standstill the vietnam war and similarly to today. We were surrounded by North vietnamese viet cong communist forces and were forced to evacuate Our our forces along with any north and south east amis allies. Who had helped us for the vietnam war and it was a humiliating time for america not only had lost a war but we were forced to evacuate and it was a low point of american foreign policy and i remember being in the situation room where i was receiving case. They were called cables at the time. You'd probably call an e mails text messages today. From the van ambassador to the american ambassador to vietnam where he was saying we. We just need fewer hours. We have just another planeload or to evacuate and all the american. All the american military we later found out that what they were doing was trying to evacuate as many as possible of the vietnamese allies that it helped us So it was a low point in american foreign policy and because it showed to the world the face. Agape world was america's incompetent america Can't fight wars and win them. It's the end of time. America's days are done and it fed into the notion that at that time the soviet union was gonna replace america's the world's dominant power and so surely united states turn that around with especially with the election in nineteen eighty of ronald reagan where he rebuilt the american military. He stood up for the united states again. He reinstated american values. He fixed the american economy and within a decade. After that we had one war so we completely reversed that vietnam syndrome and it only took us. Well it took us maybe ten or fifteen years to do

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