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President Trump, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on Laura Ingraham


Graham is gonna join us, of course, Senator from South Carolina, South Carolina is really vulnerable here. Raymond, look, Laura, I told you when they were prophesying and forecasting. This is going to be a category five mega store. I said no way it's going to be a cat five. And now it's down to a cat to Capri. Now, it's still deadly. If you're in the path of that. I you've got to go do not wait do not ride it out. Look, I I'm a new orleanians. I'm back in New Orleans now weeks suffered through Katrina. We lost a house in Katrina. Had we stayed behind in that house. There was eight feet of water in our house. We would have had to go into the attic with our children, and I guess an ax, which is what New Orleans do they put axes in their attics? So that if you get caught in a flood storm, you can climb into the attic and hack your way out through the roof, which is often what happens you don't want to be in that position then national guard or coastguard or local coming in helicopter you out when you're surrounded by water. I had friends in Biloxi. They hundred year old home one of them decided to ride out the storm. We still don't know where she is the house was washed away utterly destroyed. And Sarah's yet we don't know who he never knew what happened her old lady. She wanted to stay in the hospital. But literally the slab is all that's left of that house. So that's all that's gonna be left of us. That's what happens with wall comes through your front door. Physical stuff goes away. Our bodies will go we're all going to be but don't put other people's lives and later, we'll talk about blessings of a hurricane but get out of the way to get out of the way, Senator Lindsey Graham from the great state of South Carolina. I know he has been in constant communication with the governor and FEMA, and he's here now to talk about this on the latest political situation with the midterms Ted Cruz has vulnerability and why the bushes aren't doing more to help him giving their popularity still in Texas, Senator Graham, great to have you on. How're you doing today? Doing good. Interesting to here the upside of a hurricane you've got people together. I think he's I think he's talking about after Katrina the people who the families so actually repair their for their problems right now. It's time for caution. Yeah. Right. But so good rendition of what's going to happen. The one thing I want to stress to people is to water there. I'm worried about I don't know the difference between two and three in terms of wind damage. Probably not much is the amount of water. There's no place Laura in South Carolina or North Carolina for water to go 'cause we have been inundated with rain for over a year. Now, it's low country the low country my cousins live south of Charleston down in near fort. What does it Fort Benning? I always mess. What's the what's the military base? And in South Carolina, the big one on the. Yeah. Yeah. In Beaufort, excuse me. Airbase? Yeah. Right. So it's just a flooding. That's what I worry about the most interesting lingers for a couple of days, and we'll get twenty or thirty inches of rain. I just have. No, Matthew devastated. The low country. It was kind of a tropical storm win. But it had just ton of rain. And that's what I worry the most about. Yeah. And when Senator Graham, the the Washington Post September eleventh, the big the big headline in one of the editorials in the post was another hurricane is about to batter. Our coast Trump is complicit. Well, you know, I guess that's the only thing lifted he's not responsible for was the weather. So now, he's fully responsible for everything that happens in the universe. Why don't we do this? Why do we have editorials right before hurricane blaming a politician? No. I mean a lot that we do wrong. Right. I mean, there's plenty to blame politician about but a hurricane is not one of them Senator Graham, the the mid terms, of course, we're all focused on this not just not just what's happening to these coasts of this hurricane. But also the Democrats hope to blow through these these districts where Republicans are vulnerable fourteen point swing now in favor of Democrats and the generic ballot. How do things look I mean, it's always tough in the midterm. But how do you see things now, and what's your life? Your fellow congressmen and senators who want to keep their seats. Well, work hard, raise money, tell the story of how this economy is working for average everyday people, and why it's working better than it was during the Obama years there's two forces here, there's histories dot on our side, historically, if you're the party in power, you lose about twenty five or thirty seats and that would cause. Us to lose the house. But we've never had an economy is strong going into the midterms in recent memory. So the question for me is will the economic success and our safety. We've achieved under President Trump will that Trump historical norms intensity is what this is all about. If Republicans are not as intense as Democrats will lose. Well, I think given this incredibly strong booming economy. The message to voters. I mean, Newt Gingrich's saying this the other day the message to voters should be very clear. Do we want? What do we want more jobs higher wages or do? We want to turn back to the era of thick and intrusive regulations high taxes and stagnant stagnant wages. What kind of a country do you want? These are your choices. I mean, just remember a couple of years ago. How how it was hard to have any hope about economic prosperity in your own family. Now, you've got some hope that more jobs being created. They're paying higher wages things are training in the right direction. But about Obama the more he talks the better off. We'll be there would be no Donald Trump. If Obama had been a successful president after eight years, Brock Obama, people lost hope they had no faith in Clinton changing things saying look to Trump hoping that he would change things. Well, guess what? Thanks have changed their changing in the right direction. And if we don't focus on this. It's a huge mistake. Nude is right. We need to compare contrast for we were to where we're at and more. We're going to be. Yeah. We want to abolish MS thirteen. They want to abolish ice. Yeah. They want higher taxes will lower taxes. They want bigger government won't want to smaller government. We want a strong military. They wanna wake her military. It just goes on and on we won't concern the judges, they won't liberal judges. There's plenty of evidence out there that this economy is historically strong and the democratic solution to the economy makes it weaker. They don't have any ideas other than the hate Trump. Somebody needs to press them on healthcare on what would you do on taxes, but news, right? We need a compare. And contrast campaign, your colleague Senator Ben Sasse was on. I believe CNN yesterday talking about a new Bill that I guess he wants to introduce I want you to listen to this. If you couldn't respond. Let's listen, let's talk to your ethics, but one of the things that we do is it would require that presidential and vice presidential candidates released their tax returns five different bills tomorrow. I think a lot of them are going to make everybody mad there going to be a lot of oxygen scored here. I think. There are things about the tax returns provisions that has been a norm of American politics for decades. Yes. It was a follower. Never been a law. But everybody has always done it. What what's going on with Senator sesame? He's never liked the president. That's fine. But this is directed a congress seems to be a point of of of great excitement for the for the left wing media right now. Well, all I can say is that if you wanna have ethics reform, that's fine. If you want to require twenty twenty candidates for president to release five years of their taxes. That's fine. What I'm trying to do is get through hurricane. That's right. Upon us. I'm not blaming President Trump for the hurricane is matter of fact, he called me yesterday at five o'clock, and if anybody from South Carolina's listing or North Carolina this president is doing everything we've asked him. And then some he asked me a simple question Lindsay. Is there anything you would like us to do that? We're not doing I'm going over to the emergency management center at noon and get an update. So I think he's doing a great job of getting prepared for their Kane. I think the economy is strong because with deregulated the economy, we've cut people's taxes. I know we're safer because ISIS is on the run their dot obliterated. And we've increased military spending consistent with the threats we face. So the last thing on my mind right now is his tax returns thinks motivating SAS. I don't know. I like, Ben he's really smart. But you know, he's got this narrative that everybody up here is corrupt. Here's what I would suggest. We do. Let's try to solve problems. Let's try to sit down if we can rebuild the roads and bridges are falling apart. See if we can take takes broken border. Save Lynn come up with put you talked about prison reform sentencing reform, I actually have reached out a couple of NFL owners and challenge them. This is a chance to work with the president and the congress to do something good. Talked about what we don't do. Let's talk about what we will do. Yeah. It's just again, it just feeds a narrative that the Republican base feels that they're many burrowed in the government who are actively working to thwart the Trump agenda from the inside and actively working to assist the Democrats and removing Trump from office. I just don't understand what other other point. And speaking of those people who I think a lot of the people in the base are kind of tired of as your colleague, Jeff flake. Sure is a really nice person. But this is what he said yesterday, the president attack the attorney general of the United States for simply doing the job that he swore an oath to do relentlessly slandering. The attorney general of the United States is wrong. It is a travesty, and it is unbecoming of the office of the presidency. But I would say to the attorney general Stanford. Your reaction. Okay. My reaction is I don't like the the attacks on Jeff Sessions personally like him. He's a good, man. If the president believes he needs a new attorney general because he can't work with Jeff Sessions, then he has every right to pick a new attorney general with the understanding you got the elephant in the room is the Muller investigation. But what I wish Jeff we're talk about. I wish some of my colleagues. We'll talk more about this. What's going on in the department of Justice, and the FBI send a letter today to Rosenstein, these new text messages from stroke and page about leaking information about the Fazal warrant process to the media is just one and a series of events that scream for special counsel the gentlemen from Utah. Who's the US attorney for Utah? I'm sure he's a fine, man. But he can't look at the department of Justice, objectively and still be the the US attorney for Utah. He has a day job. So what I can't get over is how much. More has to be uncovered at the department of Justice regarding a political agenda, the department of Justice in FBI or political operatives when it came to Trump they weren't investigators this screams for a special counsel. So I I agree with you. He shouldn't beat on sessions personally. But I don't know why Rosenstein, who's in charge of this process doesn't see what I see an out of control department Justice and FBI and what's good for the goose is good for their for the gander less have DOJ investigated by somebody outside the department of Justice. Do you have do speak to Rosenstein at any? I personally several times. I said, listen, right? You know, how much more what do I tell people in South Carolina, look at these emails they were in the tank for Clinton. They hated Trump. This investigation of the Clinton Email scandal was a joke. The the application process was based on a warrant obtained from a foreign agent on a doc-. Paid for by political party at the shoe on the foot, there'd be blowing up the media. No, no, no. It's I'm glad you're engaging him. And I agree the president. I think all these fights should be kept behind closed doors..

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President Trump, South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on Laura Ingraham

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