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That's right. By the way, Alexis and Kenny will not be happy with me, but I found in some historical records. I found a vintage photo of Alexis and Kenny discussing technology on their porch in Walnut Grove. I tweeted out by tweeted it out if you would like to see it to search for Jason Matheson. And you will see the photo of the two of them discussing technology in Walnut Grove on a random Sunday afternoon, But yeah, that's about right. Looks like I'm telling you telling her about that new steam tractor about look Threshing machine. Let's continue instructions there with my bond. We're continuing with our brand new segment. Alexis Tech News with Alexis Thompson. What's your next text story? Like I have one more item for you this morning. Now Twitter was testing this over the summer and now they hope to roll it out worldwide. And what is that? They want to avoid people just reading a headline and retweeting without actually reading the article. Imagine that Imagine so now when you try to retweet an article they will ask a prompt will come up and say. Hey, Did you read this reading The headlines don't tell the full story. You can read the article here. So click on that before Retweeting. They found that in their test over the summer that 40% more often people after seeing the prompt and after reading the article decide made a better decision, whether to Retweet or not, because a lot of it isn't really I love this, but I think we're all thinking the same thing. This is a great no, No, This is a great idea. Dr dot It's not going to help. It's just, you know, It's not gonna help. Because what I have learned And you know this Lex Dawn Kenny, we've all because we're on the social media is because of her job. And I'm not being bitchy, But this is even all of you listening. You know this? People on Ly read what they want to read, and especially on the Internet, because our eyes I mean, we're processing so much information. You almost can't blame folks. But when they're when they're reading headlines or the reading a post They scanned through it so quickly that there really not in taking the really not digesting the information, and I'll give you a perfect example that that comes up all of the time. With my my other job. The business that I have will post something like, okay, we're going to offer this. And this is in the post. Let me be very clear. This is the post itself on Facebook. Everybody you can get blank in blank on September 30th at such and such, and here's the link to order. Inevitably inevitably, and you know what I'm going to say. Inevitably, the Connie from New Brighton will be like What do you say that with? Where? Where's the link? How do I get that Where you guys locate? And I just every time I read it, I'm thinking to myself. It's in the post card open. It opposed what? It's all it's all there. Sorry, but so this isn't going to help. You know, she's not the only one. Right? So I do this. That's why I can't even turn around. I can't hate on Connie, because we all do this. Yep. There's so many times. I'm like it was right there. Don't What is Do my bad. My bad mood. But yeah, on Twitter would to stop you if it says Hey, you sure you want to retweet this? Did you open it? Did you read it? Did you come on? And I guess after you re tweet once and you know you bypassed you say Yeah, I know. I want to retweet. It. The next time something comes up like this, and you want to retweet an article that prompt will be smaller. Still there, but smaller Dawn. My people think so ice. So what do you mean? Smaller? Like, just the font is smaller. And the little box that pops up instead of being full screen will be like, half so harder for me to find the X to click away. Ah, yeah, yeah, People are getting what I'm looking at a week and then they won't They'll just click away. They won't even read it. Right. That's true claims on firing another annoyance. Kenny, are you going to use a little patronizing? Maybe. Ah, probably, I don't know. Do I really have to read the whole thing likes yet? Just what you're going to be given a test on it, Kenny. Yeah, I will be a quiz is certainly financial gain to reading it? No. Then you know, I'm just going to be honest, I'm not reading the bleeping thing. It's like a headline. That's good enough Retweet done. Again. I all all jokes aside. It's a great premise I get. It's helpful because that that's where disinformation in any arena. That's how it spreads. I mean, people just going You know, I yell at my father in law all the time. He'll reference something or he'll ask me because he knows I'm a nerd, and I follow this and that he goes. Jason, Let me ask you something, And I always know I'm in trouble on my go. You know so well, ask me something. Here we go. And nobody asked, because, you know, we have very collegial were very polite. Political conversations on DH and he'll ask you something, and then he'll come back with his side. He goes well, I read this on Facebook and I just I give him the Diana Ross. You know that. I give him the Paul like the stop in the name of love, But you could you could have stopped at I read it on Facebook. I said, Carl, how many times do I have to tell you Don't don't get your news from Facebook, please. He's like, Oh, I read the headline and I'm like, But did you read the story did to read the whole story so I love the premise, but I just don't think it's gonna work I don't cause like, dawn said. Don't get Clickety, click, Buy, Buy Buy, They're not well, just it's also a warning because they do hope to roll this out shortly for everyone. So if you see that don't be alarmed. That's the feature on the twitters. Well, they're ago. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been our brand new segment. Tech news with Alexis Thompson. Speaking of tech. He gave me permission to tell the story. So can I tell you a big hoops?.

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