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NewsRadio six. Ten WTVN I'm Scott Jennings while. Danny O'Connor is not conceded in these special election for the twelfth district congressional seat the Ohio. GOP says it's likely he won't win onc- provisional ballots are counted has to win I think something like seventy nine percent, of those outstanding, votes to win and from our data what we, can, tell, is that really a those absentee ballots that have not. Been, returned are were leaning more likely Republican outstanding absentee ballots Jane Timken talking to sixteen WTVN is Mark blazer Republican ROY Balderstone curly leads O'Connor by about. Sixteen hundred votes O'Connor meanwhile telling MSNBC still talking with everyday folks gives me opportunities to have, more, conversations with folks about the direction that they want to see our country go the provisional ballots will be verified and counted ten days after the election according to state law Columbus. Police officer accused of paying for sex while on duty is out. Of a job city structure Safety agree. With the police chiefs recommendation to fire officer Randall, Mayhew three women had. Accused Mayhew paying them for sex while. He was in uniform and. On duty an internal, affairs investigation ended with Mayhew being charged criminally but was will Mayhew pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty you'll have supreme, courts ruled econ is, on the hook for paying. Back millions. Of dollars to the state over. Its fudged attendance numbers back in February an attorney for the now defunct online charter school argued. State law makes no mention of students participating in class work in order to get state money in a traditional school there, is no measurement, of duration whatsoever funding this premise solely upon enrollment, it, doesn't, matter whether the student goes to school doesn't matter where. The, student is sick delinquent engage whatsoever there is no consequence to brick and mortar school today's four to two ruling Lisi caught on the line the pay. The state of back about eighty million dollars the school shut down in January has a result, Cleveland, Browns head coach you Jackson's reserving judgment on the traffic stop for rookie wide receiver Antonio Calloway I want, to know about it obviously. I'm disappointed My job is to make. Sure, that I Look into these things understand them all and then the person Callaway was pulled over in. A Cleveland suburb early Sunday morning and cited for marijuana possession I'm Scott Jennings check your ABC six. First winning..

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