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Actually only plus 6, but in limited minutes, but it's a dynamite offensive lineup. Holmes is really good. I just, the wing depth is what it is, the guard defense beyond davion Mitchell, who is just incredible is not good and before the season they look like a team that should be in the play and race and I don't see why anyone inside the kings would have expected much more than that. And they are on pace to indeed be that kind of team. I feel no angst about the Sacramento Kings. Yeah, my inks is pretty low. I mean, they just could use more good players. Terence Davis playing well would be very helpful and it's a problem that they have like 6 centers on the roster and the only one that they're effective with on the court is rashon Holmes. But again, disaster in the Alex lynch Tristan Thompson minutes are just a disaster. And again, all of this is pretty much what we expected going into the season. No reason to change our position much. Also, since he came up, we should say get well soon to Dave Yeager after he left the sixers. Yes. That news, I did not know about that. Reported and Dave did a podcast with woj that he's receiving cancer treatment for a rare form of head and neck cancer. I've talked with him a little over text the last couple of days and obviously we all wish Dave well and he did a great job with the kings. I mean, he had them rolling. Okay, and just to wrap, is the offense feel is interesting. Because you look at their shot selection, they're not getting great shots. They're not getting a ton of free throws. They're not protecting the ball in terms of limiting turnovers. Like I need an unusual, right? They're not doing anything great. They're just sort of pretty and they're not converting shots at a ridiculous rate. Oh, they're getting lucky. They're making a ton of threes. It's just sort of like they're okay at everything and it's added up to a pretty good offense. I'm not really sure how, but it's working. And now a message from discover about rewards, if you're a loyal credit card customer, you should be rewarded for your loyalty. Damn right, preferably with something that's useful, like cashback match, for instance, this government matches all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year. Finally,.

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