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He would always talk about. We need to own him in and what he mentioned was it. As the edge pass rushers would come in in rush the passer. They couldn't be pushed up the ark which will give michael vick and escape route. They wanna keep him in the pocket force him to deliver that pocket lead pass in the pocket stepping into the pocket. And that's where hopefully back in the day when dick lebeau is there. You would have players with his chris. Hoke whether it was. Casey hampton aaron smith brett. Kiesel pushing that pocket into the quarterback. They have nowhere to go. Josh allen is deceptively athletic and he will and he can run the football. The steelers cannot just go hog wild pin their ears back rush the passer get to the point where he has an easy escape route and then all of a sudden boom. He's gone ten. Fifteen twenty are gain. He's going out of bounds or sliding in. They moved the change. Those plays are deflating when you defend the play perfectly in the secondary. When you have a good pass rush. But you're just not disciplined enough cone josh allen into the pocket. Get after him they. I still believe this. Buffalo bills offensive line is not that great they can be had and i feel like the pittsburgh steelers pass rush which has led the nfl in. The last. Three seasons is certainly up to the task. I don't care if tj tj watt hasn't played or practice in team team drills this season. 'cause i don't think he's going to be playing one hundred percent of the snaps. They never do. But i think that if anything you get. Melvin ingram in there you get alex highsmith in there and you mix the three up. Data will only help the steelers pass. Rush guaranteed now. Alex smith has a little bit of a groin. He was limited on wednesday. That's something to keep an eye on. But still melvin ingram assigned for reason. And i think he's gonna have a maybe not a memorable performance because i'm not sure if he's going to have that many snaps but still i think he's gonna make a difference. We'll put it that way. Both in the run game and his pass rusher so there you have it folks on offense my factors for the steelers to beat the bills. Run the ball convert in crucial situations whether the early storm on defense make the bills one-dimensional. Don't let opportunity slip through your fingers. Get after josh allen but cone him in all right. You heard it here first folks. That's how they gotta do it..

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