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The low forty six whether brought to you by howard air it's twelve o two and sixty three degrees in phoenix ktar eyes on immigration the latest now on the decision by the us supreme court not to intervene in an immigration appeal by the white house ktar's martha bauer joins us live with more supreme court is leading the appellate courts finish their processed before taking up the issue over daca president trump won at the high court to rule on if dhaka renewal will still be accepted valley immigration attorney ray bottom line the novel tells ktar the justices sent the president a message with trump you're wrong you shouldn't came three or go to the bowl even though even be expedited appeal appellate process but that will take your case backup in the future mind another says for now nothing will change renewals for dhaka will still be accepted even if the march fifteen deadline for congress to come up with a legislative vic's fails meanwhile president trump today on the supreme court's decision it's a very very sad thing so doc is going back and we'll see what happens live in the news center i'm right them our ktar news arizona republican congressman david schweickart says the solution to darker needs to come with a fixed to the other things that are not working with the immigration system schweiker joined arizona's morning news this morning we are actually really close in the house this has been being worked on and worked on worked at remember you know we have people like a wall labrador who is an immigration attorney labradors an idaho congressman schweiker doesn't have the same confidence with the senate as he does with the house on immigration reform there is now an information office for the planned south central phoenix light rail expansion ktar's kathy klein is live in the news senator with the story the southcentral extension community offices near roosevelt and central phoenix councilman might know a cow ski says it's truly a community place you can dream he can bring your art pieces.

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