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You're listening to the best of the odd couple with chris russo and rob harker. Yeah oh welcome in in is the odd couple of fox sports radio rob parker more with fred rogan in for chris. Bussard and yes. It is a tv theme song. Thursday and man stories all over the place so much to do so little time and i let me Welcome in my partner for the day. And my friend. Mr fred rogan fred. What's up buddy. We're having once again It's always an honor. It's a pleasure. I look forward to it and to be very honest with you. I would do this for free. Don't tell scott shapiro now. Don't say that was the to work with you. Hang out is always a lot of fun. I for might take you up on that but for people who don't know unless you've been under a rock fred. Rogan is the dean of los angeles sports. He's been a sports anchor at k. Nbc for forty years. Which fred. Every time. I say that as it forty one yet or still forty. I'm in your forty one forty one years which is incredible for local news and especially to be at a big market. You know they might be guys who never wanna leave their hometowns but to be los angeles and to be on. Tv for forty one. Years is incredible. Fred also as a afternoon show on. Am five seventy sports and called rogan. Rodney with rodney peete. And of course. I'm on that show once a week. I love being on a regular hit every friday on the show. Nfl in occasionally as well. So there you go for it we are coming to. You live from the fox. Sports radio studios. Fred and i was going to say rob go ahead. Then i have something to say. I start this off properly okay. Let's do this to the fred. Let's welcome in the couple cu. We wouldn't be able to do this. Fine radio program without him. Nick is our producer in for rob. Gee let's go nick. That's right engineers. Usc chris who's in for alex and usc chris. Fred was a student of mine at usc. When i taught he was in one of my journalism classes and he's been working at fox sports radio for a couple of years now and david. Gas gone is at the anchor desk so we got a full show..

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