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And the begins undressing until Tyrian says, stop promising, that he will not share her bed and she wants them to. And then he pass out on a chair, the his epoch pass out. I mean, this whole scene, I love this whole scene. It's easily the best seen in the episode in my opinion. The gist the from the ground up, like the dialogue alone gets me every time this God of tits and wine just in classic. And when he walks out, he's taking these leading out of the room. And he says, I vomited on a girl. Once the the act tell you all about it, that gets you not proud of it, but St. is important right now. It's so it's so good and then at the end of it. And so my watch begins when she says, what if I never won you. It's a good line. It's good in world kind of analogy to make. I wish they'd cut to Santa few times within, you know. Tyrian is threatened Joffrey because I couldn't help, but wonder what she was thinking like. She's like, like Godzilla let them fight ticket out. They kill, and then I become the variable Loris. Right, right. Yeah, yeah. You want to get in on this to like, is there any way for everyone to die. I thought I could have used a little bit of reaction for Murray. She concern that Tyrian dye. She might meet a worse fate is she just in the moment and just like, hey, tearing gets off. That's cool. Obviously things that Joffrey saying shaking her because she has, no, I would imagine she takes him at his word that he has the means motive. And. The things that is supposed to carry out his threat. Yeah. I mean, I do think that certainly would have added something that scene, but they're, they're choice here, I guess, was to focus on these these three. Joffrey man, but these three people in this confrontation. And I think this is the core. I guess tension in the Lancaster family is if the father is contempt for kind of both of his sons in a weird way or not at son, his grandson, his whole family is family. Absolutely. Like, why can't you all be me? But right there is there's so much, I guess, animosity going going around this triangle here, that kind of focusing up on it and saying, who has the power in this situation? What how is this ever going to get better or play out? I think it's a pretty strong choice, but also, yeah, I, I think like knowing what's going through thoughts head in that moment would have also been nice yet is almost like a except for to sell sword part. It's almost like, you know, Tyrians riddle about if you know the noble the priest and Ord bright someone says the killer purse like who, who has the power in the room. I also really liked the detail Tyrian saluting his soon to be brother in law like their brothers and misery. Yeah, it's it's, it's a great. It's a great scene like his. And now my watch begins before he passes out. That's a pretty pretty good line his the Evan astoundingly long neck..

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