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And welcome back. Just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with Saudi Arabia. This. There is so much news associated right now with with the Saudis that you know, John Abbas aid was is the retired general who is nominated to be Trump's first embassador Saudi Arabia and he went before congress yesterday. And basically, and I'm sure you know, Bob ney will be telling us about this. During the news break coming up in a little bit about a half hour, but it turned into a what Bob ney described as a bipartisan rant against Saudi Arabia's gangster like abuses. They pressed opposite on the kingdom's domestic repression. Lashings electrocutions, beatings whippings sexual abuse raids the alleged detention and torture of activists and Royal family members and most recently, the torture of a US citizen, and you know, not to mention this devastating war with your. Eamon and cutting diplomatic in an investment relations with with candidate because they called out the kingdom on their human rights. You know, ordered the murder of Jamal kashogi kidnapped the prime minister of Lebanon triggered a spat between the Gulf allies that undermines US efforts. Marco Rubio said about Mohammed bin Salman. He's gone full gangster. This is the Republican Senator from Florida. He says he's gone full gangster. And it's difficult to work with a guy like that. Meanwhile, Europeans, Canada and Australia. This was all twenty eight European Union members, plus Canada, and Australia. The only really fully developed country. That's lacking. From this list is the United States just passed a resolution in the United Nations. Calling on Saudi Arabia. This was today. Calling in Saudi Arabia released ten activists and cooperate with the UN led investigation into the murder of Jamal kashogi. So, you know, I'm not expecting the Saudis to do that. But this is what the rest of the world is calling for. Daily Beast is reporting that officials and staffers the US embassy in Riyadh said that they were not given any details of you know, of Jared Kushner trip to Saudi Arabia last week when he hung out. He went and hung out with Bala bin Salman. This is according to three different sources familiar with the with the trip, and that is causing congress and people in the embassy to be very worried about you know, what is Jared Kushner talking to this young princeling about meanwhile, an American woman from Washington state who taught at a at a women's university in Saudi Arabia after she married a Saudi businessman and gave birth to a daughter. You know, the two of them that she got a divorce while in Saudi Arabia and now quoting Ben Hubbard the New York Times because of the kingdom so-called guardianship laws, which give men great power over women. She is unable to use your Bank account this American citizen is unable to leave Saudi Arabia. She's unable to travel with your doctor or even seek. Legal help. She is completely stuck her husband's left led her residency visa expire. Meaning she's lost access to her Bank accounts. You can't get authorization leave the country. This is absolutely terrible. And then of course, Mark Sumner over a daily Cho's writing. And they're kind of the headline says the whole thing is Jared Kushner himself responsible for the dismemberment and death of the reporter Jamal kashogi and that plus yesterday's Washington Post.

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