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I had no brakes at the time so i managed to get in my car. Click my seatbelt on. And just as i did that. The screwdriver came through my my driver's doug. Luckily i ducked down a my ham break and the screwdriver win on the back of my head wrist so my hit had been there probably would have got me somewhere about the right eye and in that moment it's like a real vision of like the matrix is bullet time like everything in the world slows down so you can keep thinking at the normal pace about how to deal with it. I started driving and locally in the area about ten twelve minutes away was a police station. But i just had to figure out how to get. The fastest way on wasn't really familiar with the area that my girlfriend was living in the town and then at the same time i suddenly realized that that now i was barreling down this hill probably doing sixty miles an hour in like a thirty mile an hour zone and very fast approaching a t junction bottom of the road. I managed to get to the bottom of the page action and realizing i could use my ham. Breaking ghia down was a manual. So i could get down maybe enough to slow my car down to look around the corner safe as get get around the corner then keepdriving. I did as i thought. I would. But i managed to pull my hambrecht straight out of my car. The bottom of at t junction. I got around the t junction and i started hitting towards a small township. He had caught up to may and was ramming. My car from the right hand side and i could see him now. He keeps speeding up. Heading my car and i keep accelerating and trying to pull a of him and looking in my rear view mirror looking as well as looking ahead the whole time we were coming through. Traffic lights and i was thinking traffic light. I've got to slow down and do what you would do. But then i was thinking. Now we've got a somehow. Make up some new rules as we go on this. If there's no oncoming just floor at so i was constantly speeding up trying to slow down my handbrake was now by simply reached so far out. It wouldn't even move. So i was justly for with my with my keys. Thumbnail driving toward someway with no clear path of direction No real route out. That i could see and he swift around obviously thinking i was going to go. Forwards and again kip getting along. Sort of make kicked ramming into the sodom like cow. I saw his hand. Come up in my peripheral vision in my back window smashed in blowing and he wasn't even neom me. We flew through this road. And i came to this first round belt and i was doing twice the speed limit to safely get around that roundabout with outbreaks and as i into the roundabout and i tried to tune. I knew my cows going way too fast to make the tight roundabout ten so it at that point. It looked like i was about to kind of go off but luckily luckily he clipped the back of my car at the last minute and spun my car around so my cow was facing out of the roundabout and i got out of there. I saw an entrance to the freeway. I was trying to get to suddenly. I felt this great sense of relief. The speedo was doing was still too fast. And i remember my casts slid into a a traffic island connor thing with a power pole walls and i hit. That saw it on my cowan up on the left hand side. The two wheels some slammed down. Now as i came back down he just barrelled straight into the corner of my car and it was crazy. He just didn't seem to lead up as much as i would get ahead of him he would catch up now. I was facing the freeways. I just planted my foot but the faster i win the more my hall steering shaking and shaking in my car was gesturing like just go must impossible to drive but i thought you know. I have nothing to lose now. So i'm just gonna put my foot down accelerated up. And i saw him in my rear view mirror disappear beck and i thought okay. Something's gone maybe he's going back to my girlfriend's house so i started looking around on my floor from my cell phone which i couldn't find thought if he's going back to the house and i count worn. This is terrible. But i i'd no idea what to do. I came straight down in the the bottom of that offramp was again tastes that went onto the road that the bayreuth that win long and headed towards the police station. I tried to turn my cab but the spade was kinda pushing my car off to the side and i- barreled straight off. The freeway couldn't slow down enough. And i hit a traffic holland again. Straight on and hit the travel ban lifted up in the year jumped over the traffic island of wind. Hit the ground at blow out my right hand tyrod walls and down with a hell of a crash by now. I was only kilometer to the police station. I was i was close. I could say it but an instant suddenly behind me and they need got in front of me on this road. I'm now facing the police station. And i'm like he's back like this is. This is just relentless. There was nothing. I could do to outsmart them. There was nothing. I could do to think of a different option that he wouldn't thank off. Those does now a skype.

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