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I told you it was a party. It was good on you. At least glued. It looks good on the second white. But if you have a kid in ten years time oh, do you remember those four goals? He scored against San Marino. But what about the crowd? The graphics. What about the graphics? On the ball, so he would chase after it. Yeah? As it goes, is it a good sign? If goals haven't come so easy this season, if even if it is against the lower opposition, going back into the Premier League will this help Harry Kane? No. However. It's always great to score goals. Always, as a striker, even not a striker. It's always great to score goals. And you feel a whole lot better about yourself. When you're scoring goals. But then you play against a different type of opposition and then things are not nearly as easy as they were in the mid week against San Marino and then you realize uh oh. Now we're back to business. Can I carry this momentum into playing the Premier League? That's a big question. And obviously the difference in competition is too noticeable. I don't think it makes a difference as to whether he's able to score a goal this weekend. However, it does make a difference. How well he feels and how great he feels and how comfortable he was probably eating ketchup while he was with the national team. I don't believe it. What? He funded all the rules as Harry Kane. Gabby's absolutely anything we can take away from this. I think very little other than the fact that, again, how the game has changed. I think with those four goals, Harry Kane is now up to 48, I believe for England, which means he's level with with Gary Lineker, one behind Bobby Charlton and 5 behind Wayne Rooney of old people. So, you know, and of course, as you mentioned, unless you want to give contact credit, you know, he scored ten goals this season for England. And a total of 7 in all competitions, including three against something called Maura and the Europa conference for.

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