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Of borders, language, culture. And here he is author of stop mass hysteria. Michael savage. God bless God's warriors. Welcome back to the Savage Nation. Hatred is in the air. We are living in an age of hate in which mental pollution is worse than air pollution. The most accessible and comprehensive of all unifying agents. Hatred is spreading like a virus into all too willing hosts, unifies, knee jerk. Liberals, no matter what their other differences, the hatred of conservatives of Trump, and his voters is just one of many cases of mass hysteria infecting American society today, but as likely the most destructive. Mass hysteria by the way is not a new phenomenon. The PC obsessed universities have today were actually born in the fifteenth century went on popular religious and political beliefs were often targeted you gotta remember that the impetus for Christopher Columbus's voyage in fourteen ninety two was in part the persecution. He suffered for his religious beliefs. The new world the opened up was equally hostile to outsiders in seventeenth century. New England rival religious factions vied for power by labeling powerless, often foreign women as pawns and then executing the witches, then they were burned at the stake. Today victims are destroyed and internet flame wars. These words are written and stop mass hysteria. I'm award Smith. If you can call the show, it's eight five five four hundred seven two eight two eight five five four hundred savage, caviar Colorado. Mitch you're up on the Savage Nation out of Colorado Springs. I believe what's on your mind. Mitch. Hey, michael. I just I didn't have a chance to thank you in person on Saturday for being there. I was the I was just seeker. And you were great. I I'm so sorry. I had to leave. You were amazing the store you told us as a high school dropout where you went in life because of the military. Yeah. I I call myself a successful failure. That's how you're greater. I heard I heard your speech. I wanted to catch every word. Why don't you summarize Mitch what in in a short version, you started by saying you're a dropout from where I went to college for three years just with punk kid and dropped out after three years and enlisted in the army directly with a special forces contract. Now, how did you how do you get to enlist as you can't just want to enlist in special forces? Don't you have to qualify? Yeah. You have to qualify. I I had a contract from the recruiter. That says we're going to give you a tryout you're going to get a chance to go. But there's no guarantee that you'll make it, and I just put my head down and stuff it up and suffered through and graduated this special. Forces course, got my green beret was assigned to that's where I stayed throughout mine active duty reserve and Dr. You know, one thing I admire in addition to your service to the country is the is the brotherhood that you men have with each other. It was something for an outsider to I felt as though I was inside a very special peek inside a group of such tight such a tight community. You know, what I mean that I don't belong to Mitch. Well, I'm glad you recognize that. But honestly, new you are adjunct member of that community. I sit back and let the young guy the soldiers come up and take pictures with you and talk to you. And I don't know if you've noticed the social media, but guys like Guinea and other guys probably posted pictures, and the and the comments is so positive about you being there and just want to thank you for your generosity. Association. And well, here's the thing. I'm still trying to get in touch with the gentleman who gave me his card because I wanted to make a significant donation to the scholarship fund if you can find them, let them know I emailed because I haven't been I haven't heard from my well, I'll follow up myself. Another question. And this is a little touchy where our special forces warriors buried where do you where you cemeteries? Well, like like any fallen hero this soldier before that unfortunate occurrence put down on paper work. Where we deploy. We have to do pretty significant packet that explains where we'd like to have our remains interred. Whether we want a military funeral a private funeral. Whether it's cremation whether it's passed a burial. And we select the cemetery. So some of these some of our soldiers are buried in family cemeteries on on the farm in Nebraska other buried Arlington National Cemetery here in Colorado. Remember falling special forces heroes are buried at fort Logan, national cemetery. So the soldier and his family decide before that unfortunate occurrence where where he would like be laid to rest. You know, when I got there in the dark and the cold night, and I got out of the car. There was a bagpiper on the porch. Yeah. That cut right through me. I gotta tell you that. No, he played the ballad to the green beret. I know you recognize the music played. What is really our our official anthem of the army special forces at oak song written by Barry Sadler in the mid sixties. You will always be a special forces event, whether it's a holiday party like you would cabbie like general or a memorial service. And the ballad of the green berets will always be played. And it's. It matters a lot too young young men going through stuff of forces training. You kind of how how how often do you have outside is like attend your parties? Very rare. Actually, it's it's very rare. Because as you saw we are we are a warrior society, and we we allow others in on carefully. So your your credibility and legitimacy though, within our community long been established every guy there knew who you were. I'm want to let people now that are listening right now that the the young soldier the national guard soldier who a billion job. A plumbing business you did a commercial for him. He did a plug for him. And he told me that night. His business increased by one hundred percent. He people were calling him for contract saying, Don, I don't care what you charge. The fact that Michael Savage, recommended your business at all. I need to know ni- heard that it was from Mr. Jimenez, right? Yeah. Thank you, sir. Thank you for touching him and his family. He's a great guys wife is great. I mean, what wonderful people and the only. Fear. I had was time myself too closely because of the haters in the San Francisco area, he told me got some threatened to boycott, and he just hung up on him. Because that most of these people don't even have indoor plumbing and planning. Here's the thing. People should know the so-called boycotters of conservatives like Michael Savage, don't amount to a hill of beans in terms of actual purchases. And yet they control the mentality of advertising agencies everyone's afraid of them. But there aren't that many of them? Hey, let me ask you another crazy question. Do you think that I could get that bagpiper to play at my funeral? I'm joking. Well, you you you're attached to the chapter that forces association chapter through your good friend. Who's a member of the chapter? You Michael you have access to all all the things that are officially and ceremony. Ceremonially? Well, I really appreciate what you're saying. And I'm gonna I'm gonna make it very generic right now. I hope I'm around for a very long time. But I'm going to say right now that God forbid if something should happen to me that individual. You just mentioned will be one of the first to be notified who will send out a message to everyone in that organization as to where the following events will occur. If you know what I'm saying clear and thank you. And we will we will take care of you like you take care of us. And we all take care of one another. Well, I'm gonna take a break because this is very emotional for me right now. 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